How Would a Four-Day Working Week Enhance Your Ownership Life?

The four-day working week is being trialled in some parts of the UK – but how would this new way of living affect your life as a holiday homeowner?

You may have read in the news lately that certain companies within the UK are trialling a pilot scheme that reduces the time spent in the office. Earlier this week, around 30 businesses signed up to the trial that looks to reduce the average 5-day working week to just four.

Why is everyone talking about a four-day working week?

The discussion comes after decade-long debates about productivity & mental health in the workplace. The trial, conducted by think tank Autonomy and researchers at Cambridge University, Oxford University and Boston College, aims to decipher whether employees can operate at 100% productivity for 80% of the time.

Hang on a sec – haven’t we all been working 9-5, five days a week, since the beginning of time? According to research, we Brits are among those who put in the most working hours during the week out of all European countries. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the concept of staying after hours to get reports done, feeling guilty about declining longer shifts when someone on your team falls ill, or even being asked to come in of a weekend as a ‘one-off.’

Our relationship with our working week, long commutes, and office-based duties was overhauled by none other, of course, than the Coronavirus Pandemic. With furlough, working from home, and flexible working hours, a new thought was introduced to us and with it, our values shifted.

Experts dub this falling out of love with our employer ‘The Great Resignation’ – we call it working to live, not living to work! Nationwide, thousands of people are quitting the rat race to follow their dreams, and in this blog post, we aim to show you how life really is all about working like a captain and playing like a pirate…

How a four-day working week is perfect for ownership with Lyons

We love keeping up with the news and thinking about how the latest trends will affect you, our wonderful customers. So here’s how a four-day working week would enhance your life as an owner with Lyons Holiday Parks…

1. Beat the Friday traffic

If you know, you know. Trying to make a hasty dash to North Wales on a Friday night – especially during summer – can leave you staring at the bumper in front for hours sometimes. Finishing work on a Thursday evening means you could sign off, pack up, and jump in your car ready for an extra day in your home-from-home situated in our 14 stunningly-located holiday parks.

2. More time to relax

You guessed it – having that extra day off means more time to chill, and what better place to put your feet up than in your very own slice of seclusion. Using that extra day wisely means you could holiday in your favourite place for 3 days of out the four-day working week, which subsequently…

3. More for your money

…means you get more for your money! Although our holiday homes are known to combine comfort with affordability, and even with our low-rate finance options, we know that knowing what you’re getting for your hard-earned cash is of importance. With a four-day working week, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour for an extra day – and if you don’t decide to pop down that weekend, you could earn more cashback with our Owners Select Sublet Scheme by renting out your unit for an extra night!

4. Kid-free for one day

This fourth point comes loaded with all-due respec, and may not apply to all. But for some, the concept of escaping to your own piece of paradise without the tots is a dream come true – even if for one night only! With the youngsters in school on the Friday, you’d be able to dash down to your bolt-hole and fit in a quick R’n’R, or even spend the day sorting through things to make the weekend ahead that bit smoother.

5. Explore further afield

It’s not just your own holiday home that’s set to bring you joy week after week, but the whole world of North Wales and Cumbria that’s waiting on your doorstep! That one extra day would be perfect for those who love to wander in the woodlands, hike the hills, or even swim in the sea – the world’s your oyster!

6. More time with loved ones

It’s all about making memories with your nearest and dearest, and with the option to come down for an extra night, you might find yourself spending more time with friends and family than ever before! Options open up options, and we think you’d love the chance to spend more time in a variety of our pre-loved or brand new models with your favourites. The more time spent in your holiday home, the more wonderful memories that are created – see for yourself!

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