All You Need To Know About Holiday Home Finance

Find out more about the holiday home finance process, how to apply for a loan, and how easy it is to achieve your dream life in a beautiful North Wales location…

Answer the following questions – and be honest! Do you:

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  • Want access to year-round holidays?
  • Love exploring the great outdoors before cosying up for the evening?
  • Want your own sanctuary to escape to week after week?
  • Like the idea of having a safe space for the kids (or grandkids!) to play?
  • Enjoy making lifelong friends and long after that community feel?
  • Want to be entertained, wined and dined?
  • Like the notion of discounts at dozens of tourist attractions, wine bars, adventure courses and more?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above, then we certainly have the answer for you. So, you’ve figured out that the wonderful life of ownership with Lyons is right for you! The next step is figuring out if you’re eligible for finance options, and trust us, you’ll be surprised at how easy the process is.

In this article, we’ll explain to you exactly how holiday home finance works, and how you can go about applying for a credit check today.

Holiday home finance explained

You’ve browsed the questions above, and probably come to the conclusion that holiday home ownership sounds like the dream life. And why wouldn’t it?! Not only will you have a second home to call your own, but as a Lyons owner, you’ll also get access to all the parks wonderful facilities, your very own beloved community, multiple deals and discounts at over 60 local venues, as well as help and support on how to make your site fees back through our exclusive owners sublet scheme.

If you’ve decided to take the leap into ownership, don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed by the upfront costs. Lyons Holiday Parks have plenty of flexible holiday home finance options to help you make your ownership dreams come true! This means that through our holiday home finance scheme, you only have to pay an upfront deposit, and spread the cost of purchasing into affordable monthly payments.

How it all starts…

The first step in any ownership journey begins with finding the right park for you. With over 13 holiday parks across North Wales and Cumbira to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! We’re confident we have the perfect place for you and your family to call a home-from-home. It’s not just the classic holiday park lifestyle we offer, but our park options include countryside retreats, quiet coastal escapes, and even a very rural and beautiful park in Cumbria with views of the Solway Firth to one side and the Northern Fells to the other!

You can find out more about our parks by visiting this page, and seeing the range of facilities, entertainment programmes, local attractions and the atmosphere each individual site has to offer.

Once you’ve decided on your perfect park, it’s time to select the ideal make and model for you! Browse our range of holiday homes here, before moving onto the next step of checking whether you’re eligible for holiday home finance.

5 easy steps to holiday home ownership

1. Let’s get to know each other first. We want to make the exciting process of purchasing a holiday home as smooth and enjoyable as possible! This means that the more we know about what holiday homeownership means to you, the more equipped we will be to help you make that a reality.

2. Based on our conversation today, we’ll take you on a personalised tour of your preferred park. We know how important park features and facilities are – so let us show you exactly what life at our park is like.

3. We’ll come back to the office for a sit down to talk about your budget. Once we’ve discussed your options, we will select a range of holiday home options to suit you and your family.

4. Then we’ll visit selected holiday homes and plots. It’s important we get this just right! We know some families would like to be right in the action, but others may prefer a quiet corner of the park where they can stroll to the facilities at their own leisure.

5. Once you’ve decided that we’re the right park for you, the last step is signing up for your new lifestyle and making your ownership dreams a reality!

How easy is the holiday home finance process?

The holiday home finance process really is a walk in the park! And we promise we’ll do most of the work for you – all you have to do is say yes.

You’ve chosen your park, visited the facilities, scoped out the location and the kids (and dog, we are pet-friendly) love it. We mentioned in the section above that we have a variety of new and used holiday homes which will suit a large scale of needs.

Like everything in life, cost does come into it. Investing in a holiday home isn’t just a financial decision – it’s about investing in your family’s future and creating a solid foundation from which to make wonderful memories. So we’ll give it to you plain and simple, and explain the holiday home finance process in digestible steps below:

1. Speak to an on-park sales advisor about your family’s needs and lifestyle goals

2. Discuss your budget and minimum/maximum spend with our helpful team

3. Apply for a credit check through our third-party finance broker

4. Wait for the check to come back (usually around 7 working days)

5. Pay the deposit (usually 20%) and work out a monthly repayment plan

6. Sign on the dotted line and enjoy your amazing new life as a Lyons owner!

What is the typical holiday home finance budget?

holiday home finance

Do we offer holiday home finance packages?

Yes, many customers take advantage of our great finance options. This can all be arranged at park level, with no need to make appointments with banks etc. We offer a competitive rate and your holiday home advisor will be able to guide you through all of the details.

Can I pay in cash?

When customers ask if they can pay cash, they most often mean by some sort of credit/debit card. For those customers who wish to pay with cash, the maximum we can take is £8,500. Anything over and above would need to be accompanied by the relevant proofs. Don’t worry, just ask your holiday home advisor for further details.

Is buying a holiday home an investment? 

Buying a holiday home is an investment in family time, giving you and your loved ones time to build memories together. However,
should you wish to sublet your holiday home to help towards costs, then the Lyons Group are more than happy to help. Subletting should not be seen as a way to yield an income.

What deposit do I need?

Deposits start from £4,000 and can be dependent on max loan criteria. We appreciate that not all customers have £4,000 on the day, therefore we do offer a smaller deposit to reserve the holiday home and location on the park that you have chosen.


Are there any hidden running costs?

No. We believe in a transparent approach to pricing so the price you see is the price you pay. On top of the cost of your holiday home, the only additional costs are for gas and electricity that you use and for holiday home insurance, which is available through our recommended partner.

What happens if I say yes?

Once you have chosen your holiday home and location on-park, your holiday home advisor will need to take some sort of deposit. This will either be the full amount or a lower amount which you have both agreed on. A “move-in” date will be agreed which will happen two weeks after completion of the sale.

holiday home finance

Which holiday home finance company do we use?

All holiday home finance applications and systems go through Black Horse Finance, a trusted and reputable company that we have been working with for many years.

It’s super easy to play about with the finance calculator on their website, and base your estimation on one of two premises. One, based on your monthly budget; and two, on the amount you’d like to borrow.

Remember to select HP when you’re ticking the boxes at the top, and to deduct the deposit from the overall sum of the holiday home you’re looking at! For example, if the unit is £20,000, a £4,000 deposit is required upfront meaning you only need to borrow £16,000.

We hope that makes sense, but if you have any further questions about holiday home finance or simply want to check if you’re available, speak to our friendly sales team today on 01745 362020.