Can I Sublet My Holiday Home On a Holiday Park?

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Do you own a holiday home or lodge? Here’s a quick guide on how to lend or sublet your unit to family & friends – and maybe make some return in the process!

Holidaying in the UK is at an all-time boom. We’ve discussed in previous posts how ‘staycations’ are on the rise. How could they not be when international air travel has been halted for the first time since the war?

On this note, owners of holiday homes and lodges in the UK will be reaping the rewards of ownership throughout the year. Some have the chance of an escape merely miles from their home address. Others can look forward to aperitifs on the balcony and private sunbathing spots, without all the hassle of airport delays and jet lag.

The concept of a year-round holiday is a dreamy one – especially bearing in mind the communal year we’ve all had. But when you really think about it, who has the time to spend every day at a second home (apart from those lucky few in retirement?!) If you’re wanting to sublet, or even lending your holiday home to family and friends, well…you aren’t the first.

Why should I sublet my holiday home through Lyons?


A sublet is when you rent out your holiday home to people you don’t know. These can be general holidaymakers who are looking for a quality getaway in the UK. It’s a very popular option for many owners on park. During the summer of 2020, our subletting bookings increased tenfold. Choosing to sublet offers you the chance to make some money back – and very often, enough to cover your site fees for the year!

1. Protecting your assets

When you sublet through us, everything is protected. From your holiday home and its contents to your personal details (providing you have contents cover insurance.) We deal with all aspects of the booking, which means you don’t have to get involved with handing over the keys yourself managing costs alone.

2. Hassle-free

We deal with everything, from finding bookings to seeking payment, the cleaning and even down to supplying the bedding! You don’t have to lift a finger if you sublet through us. All you have to is let us know you’d like to sublet.

3. Booking with confidence

People this year, more than ever, are nervous about parting with their hard-earned cash. This is why finance expert Martin Lewis is constantly urging holidaymakers to book through reputable, established companies such as ourselves. Going through third-party websites such as Faceboook, Gumtree, or might mean less cash in hand for you. Simply because people are fearful of being scammed or let down by false providers.

How do I sublet my holiday home through Lyons?

This couldn’t be more simple. First, you let us know when you purchase or at the start of the season that you want your unit to on our list of ‘hire fleet’ holiday homes.

You let us know what dates your holiday home will be vacant, and we’ll manage the bookings. We will assign as many bookings as you want to your unit, and will keep a record of all details and payments.

At the end of the year, we’ll add up what you’ve earned from subletting and you’ll get a hefty lump sum added to your Lyons account.

Do I need to provide crockery, utensils, and bedding if I choose to sublet?

The only thing you need to do is ensure your holiday home is equipped with the normal items that you’d use yourselves anyway. There is no need at all to go splurging on fancy coffee-makers or flat-screen TVs. Just make sure you have the following everyday items:

1. Crockery and cutlery

  • Cereal bowls, dinner plates, side plates, mugs, water glasses, wine glasses, table knives, table forks, dessert spoons, teaspoons, egg cups, vegetable knife

2. General kitchen items

  • Cutlery tray, washing-up bowl, carving knife, saucepans x3, frying pan, grill pan, non-stick oven tray, glass roaster x2, glass chopping board, glass measuring jug, stainless steel potato masher, stainless steel solid spoon, stainless steel slotted spoon, stainless steel turner, can opener, cheese grater, potato peeler, all-purpose scissors, kitchen tongs, colander, corkscrew, and a glass bowl

3. Household items

  • Coat hangers, mop and bucket, window clothes dryer, wastepaper basket, coat hangers, duvets & pillows (amount depending on berth) and long-handled broom

4. Electrical items

  • Microwave, kettle, toaster, hairdryer, TV in the lounge (size depending on grade) and DVD player (depending on grade)

Can holidaymakers bring pets to my holiday home if I sublet through Lyons?

This depends on your preferences: if you bring your pet along with you to park, your unit will be considered pet-friendly. If not, then there’s no obligation to allow pets. But it’s entirely up to you, and if you feel comfortable allowing pets (even if you have none!) then simply speak to our bookings team.)

Can I sublet privately?

You can – it’s your holiday home at the end of the day! But we want to make the process as stress-free as possible for you. So why not sign up to subletting with us today, and have us take care of all the nitty-gritty. All you have to do is make sure you’ve equipped the van with the right type of steel spoon and chopping board, and then wait for a large amount of money to come your way at the end of the season!

Does subletting look likely for 2021?

People want to (or rather, have to) stay in the UK as far as we’re aware. This was the situation last year, and in February 2021, the UK government indicated that we won’t be able to grab our passports and jet off before May 17th at the earliest. There should be a government review in April regarding this: but the situation is continually changing.

We also know that in 2020, bookings giant saw a 45% rise in UK hotel bookings every week after the government gave the thumbs-up last July. Similarly, both Hoseasons and who manage self-catering holidays also witnessed a huge UK bookings increase of 270% in the summer of 2020.

Here’s what we don’t know:

Quite simply: the definite, absolute, 100%, ‘he said yes’ date from which holidaying outside of the UK will stop being illegal. There were talks that international travel would be reviewed on May 17th – but this is the review date, not the jet-setting date.

The closest thing to normality, and the thing we’re all most confident about, is the glorious Staycation. It was April 12th for the reopening of self-catering accommodation in England, while here in Wales it was around Easter. Scotland wente bold and put a halt on Easter travels, keeping the non-essential travel ban in place until the end of April. This is good news for holiday homeowners, with travelling to self-contained accommodation being the first on the list to get the green light this spring.

Can I lend my holiday home (static caravan) to family and friends?

Yes. You can. Go for it.

There are some things you should know about first, which we’ll talk you through below.

Do I need to get additional insurance if I lend my holiday home to family and friends?

It’s always best to take out hire and contents cover if you’re planning on allowing other people to stay in your holiday home. You can also select cover for use by friends and family. This means your nearest and dearest can stay in your holiday home without having to seek separate insurance for each trip.

It’s also worth looking at the excess cover, which in the event of a claim covers the cost of your excess. This can seem rather pricey to begin with but could save pennies in the long run.

Will the park allow me to lend my unit to family & friends?

ownership friends

Here at Lyons, we’re all about family values: making memories with your nearest and dearest; sharing all good aspects of the park with others; allowing you the fun and relaxing life you deserve. We know investing in a holiday home isn’t an individual venture.

Many owners love to welcome their grandchildren to the park and watch them learn how to ride a bike down the rows of Chestnut Gardens. Others love welcoming friends to their slice of seclusion for a BBQ, some summer drinks, and a good laugh.

While the above relates to times you, the owner, will be on-park too, we wanted to shed some light on the actual lending your unit to family & friends while you’re away.

In effect, handing over the keys for a long weekend, where they will be the sole guests within that unit. Lyons stance on this? That’s fine by us! There is no limit on the number of times a year you want to lend your holiday home out to family and friends.

With Lyons, you’ll even be able to elect 8 individuals for the ‘Owners Select’ pass. This entitles them to use all facilities on the park at their leisure. It will even entitle them to discount at over 50 local venues and attractions with the Lyons Discount Location Guide! If, however, you’re lending out your unit to your long-lost Aunty Sally and Uncle Bob who are not elected as your Owners Select Pass holders, they’ll have to purchase a wristband at reception before using the facilities. This is normally around £10-15 per person, per week, depending on the season.

What do I do next if I want to sublet?

Brilliant, you’ve decided to sub-let through Lyons! Whether you decide to sublet just once or for the entire season, we’re here to take on everything for you so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll sort out everything, from cleaning, to bedding, to entertainment passes and paperwork. Call our team today on 01745 342264 to sign up.

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