What Makes Hot Tub Holidays So Popular?

Bubbles, warmth, and time to relax with the family – this is why hot tub holidays are popular year-round!

Hot tub holidays have been on the scene for years. But thanks to the pandemic, the boom in bubble breaks has reached new heights. As the colder weather sets in, we look to regional specialists Concept Spa in Llangefni to find out just why people are trading their jet-setting jollies for a different type of jet.

What are hot tub holidays?

Lyons Holiday Parks are all about helping you create wonderful family memories, whether that’s during a holiday or as part of an ownership lifestyle. One element that always makes life a bit brighter, wherever you’re staying, is hot tubs! Lyons’ hot tub holidays include your very own private jacuzzi, which is attached to our range of luxury hire fleet holiday homes.

This means there’s no walking up to the spa in your robes, no lost locker keys in the changing rooms. The hot tub is attached, usually by some quality non-slip decking, to the side of the caravan or lodge you’re staying in. Hot tub holidays, therefore, offer the perfect non-disturbed getaway with your nearest and dearest (the ones you actually want to sit with for hours!)

This privacy is one of the many reasons why hot tub holidays have soared in popularity over the past few years. But we wanted to dig deeper into the psyche of our holidaymakers and discover the reason behind this boom…

Have hot tub holidays become more popular?

hot tub holidays
Michelle McKelvie, holiday sales manager for the Lyons group said the trend is like nothing she’s seen before. With over 20 years experience in the industry, Michelle says hot tub holidays have been on the rise for the past 3-4 years – but they’ve never been so favoured as they are post-pandemic.

She said: “People like a luxury, and they always will, and I think hot tub holidays always have an element of that. No matter where you go, hot tubs have to be kept to a very high standard as you can get seriously ill off them if not, so you’re guaranteed to get good service in exceptional accommodation.

“We’ve seen a huge increase post-pandemic of families enjoying hot tubs. Although they’re not necessarily meant for children, our reports indicate a spike in hot tub holidays among families with autistic children.

“This is because our hot tubs offer a private safe space solely for the child and their family, without the queues and noise of a swimming pool or public facility. Over lockdown, we became keener as a nation to look after ourselves, and there are plenty of known health benefits to hot tubs too.”

Hot tub holidays and the pandemic

The love for private facilities in the post-pandemic era is another driving force behind our love for the bubbles. Michelle said: “After the pandemic, people are inevitably thinking a lot more about how close they get to other people, where they go, and how full or safe those places are. Our hot tub holidays, along with the private accommodation, offers a personal space for families to enjoy without having to worry about other people, cross-contamination, or even stepping out of their caravan.”

Jack Glyn, director and co-founder of Concept Spa in Llangefni, has had first-hand experience of the boom in hot tubs over the pandemic. He said: “In the first year of lockdown, nationwide hot tub sales rocketed around 400%. For us as a company, in that first year of lockdown, our sales were up by around 300%.

“The pandemic was terrible for so many people, and I almost feel bad saying it – but we feel very lucky to have benefitted from the pandemic. Buying behaviours, peoples values, and the way people look at going on holiday has changed. I spoke to someone quite recently who was spending on average £9,000 a year on holidays with the family. What he’s found this year is that he’s saved so much money by travelling to places in the UK with his big family, which is a lot easier as well.”

So why do we all love hot tub holidays?

hot tub holidays

Jack said: “I think it’s because as a nation, we have an affinity to water. If you think about it, when people travel abroad they look for sea, swimming pools, and kids always like water parks. Because we’ve been driven to spend more time in the UK, and now the staycation market is booming, people still want the water.

“You only have to look at Llyn Tegid to see it’s been chocca this summer, and the seaside is always busy with a lot of people visiting from all over the country to come to the water. Something else which helps people unwind and enjoy their holiday together is hot tubs. People can enjoy the water, even if its cold outside.

“It’s an activity without too much stress or hassle, harkening back to the ‘Spanish pool.’ People will say. ‘shall we go sit down by the pool (or hot tub), take a crate of beer, and have a good time?’ What we’re finding is that people are soaking it up, maybe because hot tubs have that chilling in the pool holiday feel.”

Will we keep soaking up this trend?

Jack said: “Hot tub holidays are still trending, and we predict it’ll be this way for a few years. I’ve spoken to a few people about it recently, and even though airports are now open, people have realised they can have just as good a holiday travelling a few hours down the road. North Wales is the most beautiful place in the world. You don’t need to worry about getting on a plane or having a Covid passport when you travel here. So a lot of stress has been taken out of the summer holiday or city break by replacing it with a Great British Holiday.”

Michelle also backs Jack’s notion of people realising what’s on their doorstep, and when combined with the nation’s desire to stay private and socially distanced a little while longer, she thinks hot tub holidays will be around for a long time. She said: “People are always going to want to relax, and there is literally no place better to do that than in your very own hot tub, sat in the North Welsh countryside, with amazing views and great company.”

Top tips to make the most out of your hot tub holiday

Fancy making a splash this year and looking for pointers? Follow these below guides, sourced from our holiday sales and hot tub sales experts:

  • Jack’s no1 tip: “Go with great company!”
  • Michelle says: “Shower beforehand, to keep hygiene standards up for everyone.”
  • Jack says: “If there’s kids under 12 venturing inside the hot tub, keep it to 36 degrees maximum as kids can struggle to regulate their temperature.”
  • Michelle advises: “Fake tan on hot tub holidays isn’t your friend. Think of scrubbing it off before entering the tub to avoid orange water – and blotchy patches!”
  • Jack thinks: “Get the drinks ready beforehand so you don’t have to keep getting in and out. Remember glass can be dangerous, so it might be worth investing in some plastic props.”
  • Michelle says: “Stay hydrated. The steam and heat can dehydrate you very quickly, so keep topped up on the water.”
  •  Jack warns: “No open wounds – it could get stingy…”
  • Michelle says: “Get a playlist going. Music always adds to the holiday feel.”

Which Lyons parks offer hot tub holidays?

There’s no denying that a break with the bubbles is the next ‘in’ thing. Book your break now and pencil in some relaxation time at Lyons Robin Hood, Rhyl, Lyons Lido Beach in Prestatyn, or Lyons Woodlands Hall in Ruthin. Or call us now on 01745 342264 for further advice from a friendly advisor.