Pancake Day Jokes to Make You Smile This Shrove Tuesday

Whatever you’re doing this pancake day, do it with a smile! Here are our top 10 jokes to make you giggle on the most flippin’ awesome day of the year.

It’s already March 1st! In 2022, this is a hat-trick: it’s St David’s Day in Wales, it’s the first day of the season for our owners, and most importantly…it’s pancake day. Last year, Hetty the Hippo tried her hand at making her own special animal desserts, and you can get the recipes here or watch the video here!

This year, we’re all about bringing joy and laughter to our owners and guests, which is why we’re sharing these pancake jokes with you in the hope that you’ll flip out. Do you know of any pantastic jokes? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram, or let us see your crazy pancake creations!

1. We can’t believe it’s pancake day today.

That really creped up on us.

2. Did you hear about the angry pancake?

He flipped.

3. Went to my local pancake house and asked if my order would be long. 

They said, “no, it’ll be round.”

4. Why couldn’t the pancake sleep? 

She couldn’t stop tossing and turning!

5. What does a pancake say when it gets a compliment?

Thanks, I’m flattered!

6. What looks like half a pancake? 

The other half!

7. What did one pancake say to the other when he left?

See you on the flip side!

8. Why didn’t the pancake get through on the X Factor?

His singing was too flat.

9. Why wouldn’t the pancake shut up?

He couldn’t stop waffling. 

10. Did our pancake puns not make you laugh today?

We’ll try and do batter next year.