Hetty’s Healthy Pancakes: Easy, Tasty, and Fun!

5 simple pancake ideas with plenty of colourful fruit for the kids


Everyone loves pancakes – including our very own Hetty! She couldn’t wait to try her hand at making some funky animal faces – and she really loved eating them too. Hetty thought it would be a good idea to share her inspiration with all the budding young chefs out there.

These pancakes were all made super easily and with almost zero clearing up to do. Hetty used ready-made pancakes of small and medium-size, and one crepe as you’ll see further down. An adult was on-hand to help with cutting the fruit. But once the sharp knives were put safely away, Hetty was flippin’ flying!

Health and safety are also very important, so Hetty wanted you to know that she washed her hands before making these pancakes. She also wore a pretty pink apron, and only shared her pancakes with the people she lives with (Milo and Leo were very happy!)

So take a look at what Hetty made below, and why not give your own pancakes a fruit twist this pancake day?!

1. Golden Bunny With A Bum

We love this cheeky Easter-themed pancake – you can even swap the lemon sprinkles for a dollop of whippy cream as a fluffy tail. You’ll need a couple of slices of banana and a handful of blueberries for the toes. Hetty was pleased with this first try and was keen to hop on to the next animal.


2. Fruity Fox Pancakes

How cute is this super-simple fox? You only need one medium-size pancake for the head, and a couple of slices of strawberries for the body and ears. Add a blueberry for the mouth and eyes – and you can always secure them in place with a dollop of toffee if they keep rolling!


3. Happy Little Hare Pancakes

This is Hetty’s favourite creation (we think its because of the fizzy sweet whiskers!) You’ll need an adult to help you do the ears: simply cut two-thirds of a banana and slice it length ways in half. Use the leftovers for some goofy teeth, and add your favourite lacey sweets for the twitching whiskers.


4. Leo the Lion

Hetty was inspired by her good friend, Leo the Lion, for this fancy piece! She used a large crepe-style pancake for the head, and a smaller one for his snout. Decorating his mane with strawberries was really fun (after an adult had kindly sliced half a punnet for her in the kitchen.) She also told us to tell you that drizzling chocolate sauce for his mouth was kind of difficult (but she didn’t mind covering herself in half the bottle!)


5. The Beaming Bear

The chocolate sauce fiasco carried on with this pancake creation! But Hetty thinks he looks cute and promises it tasted even better. You’ll need one medium-sized pancake for the body, and one small pancake for the head. Then use any sweets of your choice for the buttoned coat. We used pastry cutters to make the ears and feet. Sliced banana made the hands, sliced strawberries for the inner ears, finished off with some blueberry toes and nose!

bear pancakes

Have your own fun with pancakes this Shrove Tuesday, and don’t forget to post your pictures as comments on Hetty’s Pancake Polava video on Facebook! For more info and tips on pancake making, visit our How To Fix Your Pancakes blog post.