Ten Top Tips For Buying a Preloved Static Caravan

Looking to purchase a second home for you and your family but put off by the cost of a brand new unit? Find out all you need to know about purchasing a preloved static caravan here!

Signing up for something as life-changing as a holiday home is a huge decision. With so many makes and models on the market, it’s often difficult to know where to start. Which park will your family enjoy most? Do you need decking for the dogs? Most importantly, are you going to purchase a brand new model or opt for a preloved static caravan?

In this guide, we’ll take you through the need-to-know facts about purchasing a preloved static caravan. You’ll soon have all the information you need in order to make an informed decision about whether to buy new or used! Visit last month’s blog post for more information on the pros and cons of new vs used, but for now, here’s our expert’s lowdown on buying a preloved static caravan:

1. Dip your toes in the water with a preloved static caravan

This is the first tip that company director, Joseph Lyons-Mound Jnr, wanted to share with prospective owners. He said: “If you’re new to holiday home ownership, it’s sometimes best to do a ‘trial run’ of life on-park in a more affordable, preloved static caravan. This way you can test the water without the larger fees. And if the holiday home life is for you, then you can splash out on a unit that you know you’re going to get lots of use out of.”

2. Is the price right for you?

The main advantage of buying a preloved static caravan is the low cost. If you have some idea of the preloved static caravan you’re after, you can search by price on the holiday homes for sale section on our website. Visiting a caravan dealer or holiday park is always your best bet, as private sellers can sometimes inflate the value of their pride and joy – and so too the asking price! Preloved static caravan prices are linked to the year of manufacture (like cars.) So it’s best to double-check the date to ensure the unit you’re keen on is really a 2008 unit, and not an overpriced 2007 model.

3. Fully understand the condition

In this day and age, it’s great that we can view pictures and videos online. But it’s crucial that you pay a visit to the preloved static caravan you’ve got your eye on to ensure you have a good idea of the general condition. It’s vital that you can check the holiday home’s functioning – things like doors and cupboards opening, the water systems flowing, pulling out beds etc – to know how much you’re likely to spend on repairs.

4. Budget the repair work

As mentioned above, used models keep purchase costs low but make sure you get the full scope of repair fees before you sign on the dotted line. A preloved static caravan is bound to have some snagging issues – but don’t let this put you off your purchase! Things to look out for and evaluate are:

  • Upholstery and mattresses
  • Delamination of the floor
  • Water systems
  • Gas appliances
  • Shower trays
  • Cupboards and door frames
  • Aluminium corrosion on the exterior
  • Dents or scratches

5. Be aware of the park’s age limit

If you think it makes sense to buy a used unit, then you’re looking in the right place! We have a selection of preloved static caravans at the majority of our Lyons Holiday Parks, and buying used means you’ll avoid the vast depreciation fees. However, make sure you ask if the park has a maximum age limit – if you buy too old, you might only have a couple of years of ownership before having to leave the park or upgrade! At Lyons Holiday Parks, we have a 20 year age limit but this is down to the park manager’s direction and there’s always plenty of options when it comes to your future.

6. Explore finance options with preloved static caravans

Find out more about the holiday home finance process, how to apply for a loan, and how easy it is to achieve your dream life in a beautiful North Wales location with this helpful guide to holiday home site fees. Do remember that the APR rate on preloved static caravans is higher than on used. But plenty of tools do exist to check whether the asking price and budget are right for you. Use this finance calculator to explore your options!

7. Are you planning to sublet?

Consider your reasons behind buying a holiday home. Is it meant to be a bolt hole for you and the kids to escape to week after week? Or is it more of an investment that you’re planning to rent out to other guests? Bear in mind that used units tend to be sublet at a lower rental cost than brand new units. So make sure you plan your asking fee in advance and ensure it ties into your budget.

8. Is the park right for you?

You may have found the perfect model, but make sure the location (both plot and park) is perfect for you and your family. Seen a particular preloved static caravan on one of our Lyons parks but would like to have it sited at another location? You’re more than welcome to ask! Simply contact 01745 362020 and a member of our team would be happy to discuss your options with you.

9. Additional costs with preloved static caravans

Generally speaking, preloved static caravans have a lower insurance rate than brand new holiday homes. This is all down to the asking price/ value of the unit. Make sure you check for any liabilities or issues that would inflate your insurance. Used models can often come without central heating or double-glazing, which for some isn’t an issue. But remember that things like single-glazing may inflate utility costs in winter, so be savvy about your projected bills throughout the year.

10. Can decking be added?

Decking options vary from model to model, and some preloved static caravans don’t have the scope to have decking added. Newer models might come with decking included in the price. So it’s always worth checking with your holiday home sales advisor about what exactly the asking price includes. Decking and balconies are a great addition if you have pets, and adding this extra feature may mean you can raise your sublet price if you choose to rent out your unit.

Interested in buying a preloved static caravan? Contact our friendly team today on 01745 362020 for a non-obligation call or to view our wonderful range of holiday homes on any Lyons park!

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