Where to Get Your Fix of Animals in North Wales

Did you know North Wales is home to dozens of species and creatures? Here’s a list of our favourites – and you can spot them too!

All year-round, the stunning landscape of North Wales roams with indigenous animals, scattered along its coastlines, nature reserves and woodlands. But this year, the colder weather and winds aren’t the only thing indicating autumn’s arrival: thousands of migrating birds are refuelling on our doorstep before heading further south for the winter.

It’s treats of animal sightings like this – as well as grazing deer in Ruthin’s forests, turbulent otters in the waters of Snowdonia, diving dolphins on Anglesey’s shores and rummaging Red Squirrels across Gwynedd – that we want to encourage.

With this autumnal guide to animal-spotting, you’ll soon be seeing plenty of the wonderful wildlife that’s on the doorstep of our Lyons Holiday Parks.

Why not come and treat yourself to a staycation at one of our rural parks – and schedule in some amazing animal sightings too?

red squirrel animal

1. Squirrels

Just 20 minutes’ drive from Lyons Woodland Hall, this upland forest is a favourite for the foraging arboreal red squirrels. You can spot their bushy tails and tufted ears year-round, but autumn is the best time to visit!

2. Dolphins

The isle of Anglesey, and the nearby Puffin Island, is scattered with dolphins and porpoises in the autumn which can frequently be spotted from the coastal path at Ynys Llanddwyn, Fedw Fawr and Penmon – all accessible from Pendyffryn Hall.

3. Natterer’s Bat

These ‘red-armed bats’ are hunting experts and are as quiet as the night – which is the best time to spot them at Coed y Gopa Woodland. Their flight is slow so you might be able to see their white bellies fly overhead in the forest near Lyons Kingsley, Lyons Lyndale, Lyons Abbeyfford and Winkups. They squeeze into small spaces like caves and mines – be sure to catch them before they fully hibernate from December to Spring!

otters animal

4. Otters

Otters can be caught on camera bathing in overgrown ponds at Rhuddlan Local Nature Reserve. The best time to spot these water babies are dawn and dusk – or when you see surrounding wildlife act strangely due to their presence! Lyons Woodland Hall and Lyons Eryl Hall are the best locations to set off from.

5. Natterjack Toads

Talacre sand dunes near Lyons St Mary’s Luxury Lodge Park host many tiny pools for the natterjack toad to bask in. This protected species has a distinct yellow stripe – try and spot them foraging in short vegetation or hibernating in burrows around the dunes these coming months.

6. Birds

Starlings are common predators at Prestatyn promenade, and a Black-throated Diver has also been spotted on the River Clwyd that joins the sea near Lyons Lido Beach. Walk south along the river to see the Red-breasted Mergansers, Teal and Goldeneye.

deer animal

7. Deer

Our spectacular Eryl Hall is located on a historic country estate where hundreds of deer still roam to this day. These majestic fallow deer offer a spectacular show during autumn of ‘rutting’ – when males fight a mating battle. Deer are wild animals, so remember to keep a distance and keep dogs on leads when deer spotting in the woodlands of St Asaph.

8. Fish

For those keen on catching their supper, Rhyl Splash Point is a popular spot for sea fishing. Bass, Whiting, Dogfish, Lesser Weaver and Codling can all be spotted from the coast near Lyons Robin Hood. Night fishing and especially winter fishing is great at this location.

9. Sand lizards

Can you spot the sand lizards at Gronant beach? Males stand out with their recognisable green colouring – especially bright during breeding season! A conservation project in 2013 reintroduced these rare and native lizards to the area near our St Mary’s Touring Park.

seals animal

3. Seals

Just under an hour’s drive along the stunning western coastal path from our Lyons Pendyffryn Hall, Porthdinllaen is the largest Atlantic Grey seal colony in Wales. Come and watch the fluffy babies play on the rocky shores – and get in some stunning secluded views.

North Wales is one of the most opulent and breath-taking areas for spotting animals and wildlife. Come and stay in one of our parks to have the best access to these awesome animals.

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