5 Fishing Spots You Must Try in North Wales

A holiday is meant to be the best time of a visitor’s life. This means that every minute of it should be fun-filled. North Wales reigns supreme when it comes to outdoor activities. One of the key activities visitors travel across the world to take part in is fishing. Whether you prefer lake fishing, reservoir or enjoy the adventure along the coastlines, North Wales has got you covered. Lyons Holidays Parks couldn’t be more suited to offer you the best spots to explore your fishing skills. If you have your fishing gears ready, then you need to know the top places to go fishing in North Wales. Let’s have a look.

1. Llyn Trawsfynydd

This lake is situated in the heart of Snowdonia, making it an idyllic spot for fishing. Llyn Trawsfynydd is different from several lakes as it is surrounded by nature, from osprey to birds. What makes the lake popular is the fact that several international competitions have been hosted there. The reservoir has rainbow and brown trout.

2. Llyn Brenig

If flying fish is your sport, then Llyn Brenig is where you need to be this holiday. Regular North Wales visitors understand that there is never a dry day in Llyn Brenig. You can expect tiger and brown trout plus thousands of rainbow trout.

3. Llandudno Pier

The diversity of fish within Llandudno is quite overwhelming; this is where you will never miss mackerel, dogfish and pollock. Finding a good spot is easy as Llandudno is not always crowded. Better still, you can fish from the water’s edge. To take your fishing a notch higher, make sure you drive on to areas such as the Old Colwyn Beach. This beach holds some of the largest fish including codling, bass and whiting. Right next to Llandudno is the Conwy River—the other popular fishing spot among the North Wales Locals. As a result, the river offers an exciting fishing experience.

4. Pwllheli Beach

Once you try out the Pwllheli Beach, you will not go anywhere else. The beach offers a variety of fish which makes fishing around this area interesting. The harbour channel is also home to a large quantity of bass. Unfortunately, this may not be the best place to go fishing during summer months, especially if you dislike high boat traffic. Nevertheless, you can still head down to the beach and pull out black bream, mackerel, gurnard and dogfish.

5. Ogwen Valley

Experienced and novice fishers should be ready for a range of fishing conditions when they head out to the Ogwen Valley. There is a mix of fast-flowing water and variety of sizes in pools. If you fish using a fly-fishing technique, then this is the spot for you. You will mostly catch a range of brown trout and sea trout. You can also use the traditional spinning to get a hold of salmon.

North Wales is the best place visitors can enjoy peace of mind away from the busy city life. With the above fishing locations, your holiday should be fun-filled.

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