The Rising Costs of 2022: Here’s All You Need to Know

Living costs are rising, from fuel to goods to utilities – here’s all you need to know about the costs of holidaying in North Wales

News outlets over the past few weeks have been focusing on the costs of living, documenting the soaring prices of petrol and diesel, utilities, and even luxury items. At present, the UK ranks as the 26th most expensive country in the world to live in – just one place below the United States, and even more expensive to live in than Germany, Italy and Cyprus.

Between April 2021 and April this year, house gas prices increased by 95% and house electricity has been bumped up by 54%, according to research conducted by parliament. Experts believe inflation rates will remain above 9% until autumn – more than it’s been since 1982.

Why are living costs rising?


Many variables contribute to the global spike in prices, but we thought we’d keep it brief! The rising costs of living can be associated with:

  • Oil and gas have been in high demand since the start of 2021, with the crisis in Ukraine adding to the spike in utility prices across the globe
  • The help the government introduced during the pandemic, such as furlough and reduced VAT, has ended
  • Staff shortages across hospitality and transport sectors (due to the pandemic and Brexit)
  • Supply chain disruptions causing shortages in goods

What does this mean for you?

Although records indicate that high-street spending is down by 0.3% (April 2022), spending on travel and international holiday bookings increased by 18.1% in April. This means that airlines and travel agents had the best month since before the pandemic, and hotels, resorts and accommodation providers saw an increase of 16% – good news for you jet setters!

This data shows that although wallets are tight, you’re still wanting to spend on experiences and travel rather than household goods and home improvements. And where better to make precious memories than right here in the stunning surroundings of North Wales and Cumbria!

What are we doing to help?


Here at Lyons Holiday Parks, our mission statement has never rang as true: to provide affordable family holidays for people from all walks of life, and helping create precious memories for years to come.

This is why we have not increased our prices in line with our competitors this year. It’s important to us that our breaks stay affordable as we fully understand that holidays are a vital part of any family’s well-being.

Michelle McKelvie, group bookings manager said: “We’re all in this together, and we want to show just how much we value the communities that make up our holiday parks. Our guests are always at the heart of everything we do, which is why it’s vital that we don’t inflate our costs so people can still afford getaways.

“We’re currently running more offers than ever before, such as 241 holidays for returning guests, 7 nights for the price of 3, hot tub holidays for 4 nights from £199, and 30% off for returning guests.”

What are the costs of ownership with Lyons Holiday Parks?

Our mission to provide affordable holidays and help our guests out whenever we can trickles through our holiday deals right through to our holiday home ownership offers. At the moment, we’re offering a helping hand to get our new owners on the road in the form of a £500 fuel card with every new purchase before 30th June!

There’s also no site fees to pay for the 2022 season, meaning you can enjoy the delights of ownership in its entirety while letting us handle the niggly stuff. All you’ll have to keep an eye on for your first year of ownership is your utilities, insurance…and ice cream money!

We also offer a range of low-rate finance on all new and pre-loved holiday homes, meaning you can pay as little as £299* per month for owning your very own slice of seclusion in paradise.

For more information on holiday home finance click here, or visit this page for more information about site fees.

What free things are there to do at our holiday parks?

When you book a break or embark on your ownership journey with Lyons Holiday Parks, all facilities are yours to use at your own leisure with zero cost!

This means that the whole entertainment schedule, the swimming pools, arcades, soft play areas, tennis courts and adventure playgrounds are yours to use for free while you’re on park. This also includes all other facilities at our sister parks so although you’re staying at one, you can play at all.

*We do host extra special events such as Chinese Banquet evenings for owners at Lyons Woodlands Hall, water walker sessions in the Splash Zone at Lyons Robin Hood, and other ticketed events.

Fuel costs in North Wales this season

fuel costs

For a full breakdown of the top 6 cheapest places to buy petrol and diesel in North Wales, download our PDF. Save it on your phone or tablet for when you’re out and about in the area and need to fill your tanks!

In the meantime, fill your boots with updates and information from our Facebook and Instagram page, browse our holiday availability via our portal, or speak to a friendly advisor about holiday home ownership today on 01745 362 020!