Haunted Places In North Wales This Halloween

Our spookiest time of year is here again! We know things are a bit different this time around, but there is still fun to be had. At Lyons Holiday Parks, we want to help you celebrate Halloween in every way we can. Forget parties and fancy-dress competitions – we’ve brought to you something much scarier.

Read on to discover the spookiest spots in North Wales and the eerie stories behind them. Are you brave enough to take a peek at these other-worldly local wonders, especially at Halloween?

1. Ruthin Castle

One of the spookiest spots in Wales, this hotel is allegedly haunted by Lady Grey who was sentenced to death for killing her husband’s mistress. The cuckolded ghoul now wanders the banqueting hall of this medieval castle, built in the 13th century by King Edward I on the site of a former Iron Age fort. Halloween at this spot would be extra eerie, don’t you think?

2. Beaumaris Gaol

If you’re looking for the ultimate spooky experience this Halloween, this former prison is the spot. Prisoners were often horrifically whipped, chained, beaten, and left in a dark cell for days. You can visit this cell – but be warned, at night this cell is extra creepy. Ghosts that haunt this old 19th-century prison are Williams Griffiths and Richard Rowlands, who were hung and buried at the prison and still communicate with visitors. A mother named Bridget also wanders the walls looking for her child who perished on-site, as well as evil energy who has been sighted by paranormal investigators.

3. Pool Parc

Would you visit somewhere where paranormal investigators claim an angry spirit with evil energy resides? Some people have even alleged this spirit has attacked them. But this didn’t stop ghost hunters exploring this barren former hospital in Ruthin which dates back to the 16th century. Built as a home for the Salisbury family in the 1700s, this was later redesigned for William Bagot in the early 19th century.

4. Plas Mawr

Award-winning paranormal investigators searched here for the ghost of a woman who died tragically. There’s also a disgraced doctor stuck in a chimney. This barren Elizabethan townhouse is brimmed with 400 years of secrets and ghostly apparitions located in Conwy’s historic town.

5. Atik Nightclub

North Wales is home to haunted hospitals and possessed prisons – and last year, apparently a cursed nightclub dancefloor. CCTV of the bar area at 3am showed furniture moving with force. The eerie event involved a wet floor sign being slammed to the floor, hanging decorations randomly swinging, various ‘orbs’ shooting across the room, and finally, a bar stool launched with vigour.

6. The Golden Lion

Jeffrey the friendly ghost – that’s who causes mischief at this Rossett former coach house. The plowman was hanged for murdering a local farmer, and his body was sadly displayed on a gibbet to deter future criminals from misdeeds. The pallet that carried his body was used to build the Golden Lion. Jeffrey now happily lives in the upstairs bedroom at the pub, moving bottles and furniture to play pranks.

7. Conwy town

Do you know the tale of how Conwy was cursed by a mermaid many moons ago? According to legend, a fisherman’s crew were working on the estuary when their net seized an odd creature. Lifting their prize, they discovered it was a mermaid. They decided to distastefully parade her through the town – despite her begging to be released into the water and gasping for air. She suffocated and just before dying an agonizing death, she cursed Conwy – promising it would undergo war, suffering, disease, and disaster.

8. The Hand Hotel

This 17th-century coaching inn is haunted by many spirits. The first is Sarah, a lady who nursed her brother Albert during the TB pandemic – who died and haunts the room where he died. Another ghostly apparition stands by the organ in the hotel and another room is haunted by an employee. He took his own life when he found out his wife’s lover had impregnated her – she died in childbirth and joins her husband in haunting this eerie joint.

9. Aberconwy House

Paranormal footsteps, opening and closing doors, the fresh scent of flowers when none have been displayed, and rattling drawers. This is what you can expect from this 14th-century merchant’s house. One of the oldest dwelling houses in Wales, this site is home to the ghost of a man dressed in early Victorian clothing who died in the house. If you visit the gift shop, beware of items whizzing about, and careful not to anger any of the other ghouls occupying the many rooms of this National Trust manor.

10. Gwydir Castle

First records of ghosts at this Grade I listed castle date back to the 19th century. A woman was often seen floating accompanied by a terrible smell of rotting. This could be the ghost of a serving maid that Sir John Wynn (15th-century owners of the castle) seduced, murdered, and had walled up in the chimney.

Even on this night of mischief, we all know and love, we encourage you all to stay safe and remember to follow the rules. However you choose to get your dose of mysterious this Halloween, we’d love to hear about it. Follow us on Facebook, and don’t forget to send in your photos via messenger so we can show off your mini spook-fests!

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