Health Benefits of Hot Tubs 

You don’t need a health expert to tell you that you never feel better than when you have had a soak in one of Lyons’ Holiday Parks top of the range Hot Tubs. These social spas are a great way of unwinding, relaxing, and catching up with your friends or partner. 

But did you know that spending time in a hot tub also has many health benefits? Read on to find out more…

1.Improve your range of motion 

Whether it is due to age, injury, or just down to inactivity, something we all become aware of is that as we age, our range of motion decreases. However, it’s been proved that regular use of a hot tub helps to restore lost flexibility and reduce the natural stiffening that comes with age. Who would have thought that our luxury hot tubs are a real-life fountain of youth?

2. Relieve the symptoms of arthritis
Anyone who suffers from arthritis will tell you just how painful and debilitating it can be. Fortunately for our guests, spending time in a hot tub may provide temporary relief from the joint pain associated with Arthritis. This is because hot water helps loosen the inflammatory chemicals in your joints.

3. Decreased stress
Our hectic day-to-day lives can cause us to carry a lot of stress, and this has a knock-on effect on our muscles. This often results in pain in the back, shoulders, and even the hips. Spending some time in our luxury hot tubs relieves and loosens tight muscles. Stretching and moving around in the water helps muscle function too.

4. Improve your quality of sleep
Studies show that spending time regularly in a hot tub equals a better night’s sleep. It is closely related to reducing stress and anxiety, but it also has more scientific meaning. The heat of the water changes the body’s core temperature – meaning you go to bed with a lower temperature. This drop signals to the body that it’s time for bed – how many times have you relaxed a little too much in the hot tub and found yourself ‘resting your eyes’ in a sea of bubbles?

5. Improves circulation

The water’s high temperature, alongside the deep and relaxing intake of steam, makes the blood flow easier. It also increases the blood’s oxygen levels by enabling deeper and slower breaths.

6. Pain relief

You’ve heard of hydrotherapy, right? This basically refers to submerging the body in water for a variety of positive effects. Engulfing the body in water has therapeutic benefits as the pressure of the water gently relieves the source of pain.

We hope that this gives you the excuse you need to take a little ‘me time’ the next time you are visiting our facilities.

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