Why Are Hot Tub Holidays Making Such a Splash in the UK?

At Lyons Holiday Parks, we have noticed a significant upward shift in the popularity of hot tub holidays.


Not long ago, the Jacuzzi was an opulent luxury, the type only found within suites at a five-star hotel. Yet the situation has drastically changed thanks to the rise of the humble hot tub. The  elaborate Italian name has been kicked into touch, state of the art technology has increased comfort levels, and now hot tubs are found across a wide range of accommodation options.

Yet this doesn’t resolve the question posed by this article: Why are hot tub holidays hitting their popularity peak right now in the UK? They generally command a premium rate, for instance, but that doesn’t stop them from hitting unavailable status in double-quick time.

To help provide an answer, here are a few points that make hot tub holidays an enticing prospect for families.

A year-round activity

People love to go swimming on holiday when overseas in a warm climate. Yet in  the UK, with its notoriously temperamental weather, there’s a very limited time frame to actually go for a dip in the pool!

A hot tub, however, is not only open during the summer months. They are essentially ‘weatherproof’. This means that, unless a storm is taking place, a hot tub can be used on a year-round basis. In fact, the warmth of the water is particularly alluring during the contrast of a cold winter night.

The perfect spot to unwind

Couple in Hot Tub

While some people like to simply lounge around on their holiday, others try and fit in as many activities as possible. When you do have a long day out exploring and having family fun, there’s nothing quite as inviting as a hot tub. They’re ideal for rejuvenating your body, with the pulsating jets of water supplying a revitalising massage unlike any other.

In addition, there are other health benefits when using a hot tub. These benefits include reducing your anxiety, enhancing the appearance of your skin, and improving the chances of a good night’s sleep.

Experience something new

Did you know the average British person goes on holiday over 120 times during their lifetime? With so many trips, it can be easy to see how someone could  become restless if they continue with the same routine over and over again.

To fight away the boredom, a hot tub offers the opportunity for you to experience
something different and new. After all, a hot tub is a luxury that is rarely found at
someone’s home.
With that said…
Try before you buy
If you want a high-quality hot tub – and not one which inflates – you need to
splash the cash. Due to the costly nature of such a purchase, it makes sense to
test out a hot tub and see if it’s the right fit for you. Well, if you go on a hot tub
holiday, this can end up being a nice added perk. Simply jump in the hot tub, see
if it offers the qualities you hope, and you’ll have a more informed opinion about
buying one in the future.