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Spring and Summer Wildlife in North Wales

North Wales is such a beautiful part of the world and it seems that the wildlife certainly thinks so too. As the weather gets warmer, the whole region starts to get busier, meaning that visitors to the region can really cross some of those species off of their bucket list, so long as they know…


On the Trail of Hidden History in North Wales

Wales is called “the land of Castles” for a reason; it has a rich historical heritage which offers ample days out from Lyons Holiday Parks for families and couples alike. Whilst there are plenty of beautiful castles, museums and stately homes in North Wales that are both well-maintained and well worth visiting, this list looks…


Four Great Places to Play Golf in North Wales

The dramatic scenery of North Wales is a wonderful setting for golf, no matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. Nothing beats an exhilarating round in the fresh sea air, followed by a relaxing meal in the Clubhouse, or a visit to the nearest town. The following four courses will give you…

mountain biking

Mountain Biking Trails to Try Out in North Wales

Mountain biking is one of the many outdoor activities that you can enjoy in North Wales. The region has mountains, valleys and forests where biking routes offer just the challenges you need for an interesting ride. The biking trails offer magnificent sights of rivers and mountaintops. Mountain bikers of all levels will find North Wales…


Make your way to North Wales

North wales is the ideal and favourite place for thrill stimulation for you, your family and friends. Whether you want to explore not only the world-class adrenaline activator or what North Wales offers, it is these in erasable experiences that you would like to encounter. Go for an expedite of the secret war bunkers of…

Lyons Holiday Parks – Owner Referral Scheme

Lyons Parks love to say thank you to our valued owners. Did you know that just for recommending holiday home ownership to your family and friends at one of our parks, you could earn up to £4,000 and cover your site fees? Hundreds of our owners have already benefited from this great scheme, so why…


Discover North Wales

North Wales is one location that attracts visitors from all around the world. The region is well endowed with natural resources such as mountains, forests, and water bodies. It also has a variety of hotels, some of which require self-service. You will be surprised to find out that it is possible to live in a…

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