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Where to Get an Adrenaline Rush in North Wales

Here at Lyons Holiday Parks, we like to think that a stay with us provides the kind of relaxing, carefree vacation experience that everyone is looking for. However, with a family vacation you can never settle on one type of activity to suit everyone, and if you have children and young adults who want a…

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Perks of owning a static caravan in North Wales

Contrary to the belief that holidaying in static caravan is boring, Lyons Holiday Parks comes with its own share of fun and interactive activities. You don’t have to break the bank to stay in a luxurious hotel that often involves a list of don’ts, something an interesting traveller tries to avoid. A caravan holiday stay…


Places to Take Toddlers in North Wales

It’s fair to say that raising and entertaining a toddler is challenging at the best of times, and that task can be even harder than usual when you are on holiday, away from home and away from all of the creature comforts that your little one has become used to! In order to avoid any…

Blaenau Ffestiniog Wales

Heritage Steam Railways in North Wales

A holiday in North Wales is a dream come true for train buffs, because it gives easy access to some of the most famous heritage steam railways in the world. It’s a chance to take in the stunning North Wales scenery without having to watch the road – just sit back and relax! The ones…


Advantages of Owning a Caravan in North Wales

Unlike a towing caravan, a static one will stay in one location. A static caravan can offer many advantages, especially to people who travel regularly. The cheaper models will cost you around £13,000 while the luxurious ones will set you back more than £200,000. Usually, you will need to pay a deposit of £3,000 or…


Top Family Days Out In North Wales

Many families search for child-friendly locations when planning a getaway. Although some may opt for theme parks or areas that are centred around children, others seek a destination that will satisfy all members of the family. North Wales is often overlooked as a potential holiday destination, but when it comes to places that all members…

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Benefits of Owning a Static Caravan at Lyons Holiday Park

Too much work without play has never been a good idea. Taking some time off your routine could be everything you need. Since time immemorial, holidays have always been an ultimate opportunity to bond with family and friends. That has not changed; the experience only gets better. If you are in North Wales, Lyons Park…

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