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Christmas traditions

Recipe and Brief History: Traditional Welsh Taffy

History The making and eating of taffy is an indulgent Christmas tradition amongst the Welsh. Many families and friends would get together to share an evening’s meal, play games, tell stories and of course, make some delicious taffy. Traditionally, taffy was popular and made in the coal-mining areas around the country. For many of these…

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Top 6 Christmas Events in North Wales this Winter

With Autumn well and truly underway, the team here at Lyons are very much looking forward to some festivities in Wales this winter. Whether you’ve already booked your holiday and are already counting down the days, or you’re hoping for a spontaneous trip in the run up to Christmas, here are a few unmissable events…

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5 Christmas traditions from five countries around the world

We all have quirky traditions in our families at Christmas time. They can be anything, and they will usually have developed over a number of years through the generations ready to be enjoyed by new one and all. But what about the interesting traditions from around the world?We’ve picked five for you to see. Are…

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