Planning for Taking Your Dog on Holiday

Holidays without your dog always feel like something is missing. As they are such an integral part of your family, it seems a shame to leave them behind during your break away. As many of you know, Lyons welcomes friendly and manageable dogs, so you don’t need to worry about booking a kennel or getting…

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dogs on a beach in hot weather

Tips for Keeping your Dog Happy and Healthy in the Hot Weather

Whilst a lot of us Brits are enjoying the heat of what could potentially turn out to be the hottest summer we’ve had in a very long time, some of us are struggling in the heat, and the same goes for our four legged friends. Pet owners will of course be conscious of how their…

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Top Pointers for Perfect Pooch Pics

When you’re on your vacation with us at our dog-friendly holidays, Wales, you are no doubt going to have plenty of opportunity to get some pictures of your four-legged friend that are certain to be shared with friends and family when you get home!So if you are planning on capturing the best pics possible of…

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Doggy dinner menu gets tails wagging in Conwy

It’s not every day you can walk into the pub, sit down with your four legged friend and each of you pick a meal from your respective menus. But that is just what can happen at a pub in Conwy, and it is proving to be a huge success! This unique dining experience is offered at the…

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Food Safety Tips for a Doggy Holiday

Let’s face it, you are pretty likely to indulge in guilty pleasures while you’re on your holidays, and that’s absolutely fine, you are on holiday, after all! However, if you’re making the most of our dog friendly holidays parks in North Wales, enjoying a coastal trip with your four-legged friend then make sure you don’t…

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Puppy on holiday in Wales

Five Reasons Your Dog Should Go on Holiday With You

Many people will have had to of weighed up whether to take their four-legged friend away with them on holiday and while some will choose to go away without their pooch, there are an awful lot of people who will choose holidays that allow them to take their pet with them, such as our holiday parks in…

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Keeping your four-legged friend active this winter

Our homely hounds don’t hibernate through winter and neither should we, even when the weather is cold and/or wet outside, we should be aiming to make the most of our free time with our pet pooch! If you’ve made the trip to enjoy Wales holidays, there is many a great place to keep everyone entertained,…

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10 fascinating facts you never knew about our four-legged friends

A dog friendly caravan, North Wales, and you’re loved ones around you, what more could you want? When you combine these three things you have the perfect blend, but did you know these 10 facts (some absolutely barking mad!) we have that are solely dedicated to our four-legged friends? Take a look and see how…

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Doggy foods to avoid for a pooch-pleasing break

We all know that we tend to ‘relax’ in every sense when it comes to a holiday. And whether you are an adventurer who disappears up Snowdonia with your four-legged friend for enjoyment, or you like to kick back in a deck chair with a cold beverage in your hand on a Towyn caravan break…

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