Happy Earth Day – What Can You Do?

Top tips on how to help look after our planet on Earth Day – because we’ve only got one world!

Looking after our environment is a matter of urgency, and it’s down to each and every one of us to look out for the world we know and love. During the pandemic,  many positive and unprecedented environmental changes occurred due to the world slowing down – do you remember the clear blue skies, and being able to hear the sound of birds over traffic?

Here at Lyons Holiday Parks, we’re all about protecting the natural environment in order for us all to enjoy the stunning areas in which we’re located for many years to come. Nurturing habitats, reducing waste, being more mindful of non-renewable energy sources are all ways in which we can ensure generations of people in front of us can holiday in the homeland.

What are we doing at Lyons Holiday Parks for Earth Day?

We understand that there are limitations and obstacles, which is why our teams are currently working on a sustainability strategy in order for us to maximise our full potential and become advocates for the environment. We’ve been chatting to local wildlife trusts, national zoo organisations, sustainable suppliers and even electric vehicle charging installation companies because when it comes to the environment, nothing is too much trouble.

Here are some things we’ve achieved over the past couple of years, or things that are in the pipeline which mean the world to us:

  • Reducing paper use by maximising emails and transforming our monthly owner’s newsletters to digital format (emails)
  • Offering a higher volume of vegetarian and vegan alternatives at our restaurants and hotels
  • Encouraging guests and team to use public transport as opposed to single journeys
  • Operating a ‘no-littering’ policy and clearly signposting bin bays
  • Educating guests and owners on our policies regarding feeding the seagulls and the impacts this could have on wildlife and our environment
  • Implementing outdoor and less ‘digital-heavy’ activities to encourage more organic leisure among younger guests
  • Water Safety Ambassadors as of 2021
  • Entering numerous Wales in Bloom competitions which encourage natural wildlife, nurture habitats and biodiversity
  • Liaising with key stakeholders at a leading national zoo in order to sponsor endangered wild cats in Asia
  • Looking to establish working connections with North Wales Wildlife Trust, particularly with regards to the deer at Lyons Eryl Hall and the squirrels at Lyons Woodlands Hall
  • Using plastic-free straws across all venues

As a leading tourism operator, we are continually striving to reduce the amount of waste we produce as a group. It is our dream to revisit this blog post in one year’s time and check a few more things off the list!

What can you do to help as guests and owners?

  1. Choose the most environmentally-friendly transport when you’re out and about, including bikes and walking
  2. Limit energy use by switching off your phone chargers, TV’s, tablets, and other electrical appliances
  3. If you’re a holiday home owner, switch to energy-saving lightbulbs
  4. Dispose of sanitary products correctly when using facilities both on and off park
  5. Avoid activities that damage the environment
  6. Watch which souvenirs you bring home

You can find out more about environmentally-friendly holidays here.

How are you celebrating Earth Day? We’d love to see! Share your pics with us on social media by using the hashtag #mylyonsparks and #earthday2022