Lyons on the Hunt for a Lion Tamer Ahead of Circus Extravaganza this Season!

Calling all experienced lion tamers in the North Wales region – we need you! Join the family as part of this roarsome team and become the pride of the circus.

The 2022 season is finally here, and we have some exciting new developments in store for the best season yet at Lyons Holiday Parks! From new family-friendly bars to a brand new multi-lane pool slide, there’s plenty to look forward to at the action-packed flagship park, Lyons Robin Hood.

We have some ultra-exciting news for all circus fans out there, and we can’t quite believe that all the t’s have been crossed and the i’s have been dotted in order for us to launch our most fantastic show yet…

Summer Circus Extravaganza!

In August this year, the green outside the sales office will transform into an adrenaline-inducing circus, set to wow crowds of up to 500 people with some of the best performances ever seen on the North Wales coast, including a huge-scale 3D digital lion that’s set to be the star of the show!

Ahead of our summer circus, we’re now recruiting for an expert in the holographic field who can teach this computer-based lion some tricks, commands, and help us put on a thrilling show this season.

What can I expect in the circus?

In true circus style, we’ve made plans to host acts of fire-breathing, stilt-walking, stunt drivers, magicians, contortionists, palm readers, acrobats, and basically anything you’ve ever seen on The Greatest Showman.

This incredible extravaganza will be FREE to all holiday guests at all Lyons Parks, and will run every day throughout August including the bank holiday.

You can also expect some traditional carnival-style foods such as hot dogs, barbecued meats, ice cream, candy floss, popcorn, sweet stalls, cold slushes, milkshakes, and more.

To claim your free tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime event, all you have to do is upload a photo or video of you doing your best ‘Lyons roar’ impression to your Facebook or Instagram page and tag @Lyons Holiday Parks, and include the hashtag #mylyonsparks. The lucky winners will be announced at 12pm today, meaning you only have a few hours to claim your free seats to this year’s circus extravaganza.

Tell me more about the lion itself…

Our main mission was to deliver an unbeatable circus production to our guests this year, with all the traditional acts that we know and love. However, we are adamant to maintain our company’s ethical stance and ensure no animals were harmed, captured, or exploited during the show.

That being said, we didn’t want to compromise one of the key elements of a circus – the sabre-toothed tiger, performing as part of the production right here in the heart of the pavilion. With all the technology readily at our fingertips, and with the help of some digital experts, we decided it was the right (and only!) thing to do to get set for a holographic lion this summer.

The impressive 3-D lion will be lasered through a high-tech computer screen and will appear in the centre of the green at dusk each evening, offering the most magical illusion under the dimming sky of the coast. Under the summer stars, the LCD lion will perform tricks, dances, and hopefully raise some hairs on the back of our audience’s necks, while working closely with our expert ‘lion tamer’ each evening.

Lion tamers, we need you!

Although the role we’re recruiting for may be different to the lion tamers of a classic circus, there are definitely some relatable skills required. What we’re looking for in the individual is as follows:

  • A confident, outgoing performer who’s well used to entertaining crowds of hundreds
  • Someone patient and understanding who can treat the digital lion with respect and compassion
  • A highly-skilled animal handler who can teach our LCD lion commands and tricks such as ‘sit,’ ‘roar,’ ‘lie down,’ and ‘paw for treats’
  • A quick-thinking, proactive individual who can handle the digital lion if any issues arise
  • Someone who works well as part of a team and who isn’t afraid to steal the show alongside our incredible 3D lion
  • Able to commit to a busy schedule during peak season at a popular holiday park in North Wales
  • Team benefits will be included

If you are interested in this role, please email with your name, location, previous experience and a brief description of why you should be considered for this role.

All applicants will be screened accordingly by the HR department who will be in touch pending further interviews.

Good luck to all hopeful lion tamers out there and don’t forget to upload your pics to your Facebook profile, tag us in the image, and use the hashtag #mylyonsparks!