Discount Location Guide Teaser: Exclusive Offers for Lyons Owners!

Ownership with Lyons has endless benefits – including exclusive offers and discounts at a wealth of venues across North Wales and Cumbria!

We’re super excited for the new season to start – only a few weeks to go for most of our parks! The 2022 season promises to bring some wonderful things, from exclusive owners events and parties, some fantastic adrenaline-inducing activities, and of course, the chance for you and your family to explore the delights of the North Welsh and Cumbrian coast or countryside.

One particular element of the Lyons lifestyle we’re psyched about this season is the Owners Select Discount Location Guide. Bigger and better than ever before, this booklet will be your guide to North Wales & Cumbria, offering some insider knowledge of the best places to eat, drink, chill, party, and enjoy your time away. Not only will this be your go-to-guide for inspiration, but you’ll also find dozens of exclusive offers and deals.

exclusive offers

How does the Discount Location Guide work?

Every year, we seek out the best local businesses to list in the guide, from golf clubs to dog groomers, barbershops to brasseries, florists to window cleaners. We listen to your feedback and suggestions, and work with these companies to tailor-make discounts to suit your needs. Our social team have put some feelers out on Facebook to gauge what our owners want to see, and we’re always pleased to receive suggestions as this ensures we’re giving you what you want!

Our marketing team then approach these businesses to set things up, and work out discount codes, samples, and ensure all their details are correct. We then pop all listings down – including the exclusive offers just for Lyons owners! – and formulate a printed guide.

These guides are printed in time for the beginning of the season, and can be collected from the sales office on your park. They’re valid right up until the end of the season, and are yours to use as you wish! Feel free to flick through the exclusive offers and deals to suss out which ones you’d like to try, then simply follow the instructions for that particular venue.

Some businesses have a discount code to redeem the offer, while others simply require you showing your Owners Select Pass when you pop into their store.

What is an Owners Select Pass?

Think of this as your ‘Lyons ID.’ It’s a little card that’s issued to every owner at the beginning of your Lyons journey, and are usually updated every few seasons. These cards allow you access to all Lyons venues, such as our show bars, arcades, restaurants, diners, and other on-park facilities.

We’re all about family memories, which is why we also allow up to 8 Owners Select Passes to be allocated to your family and friends. This means that your regular guests can use our amenities (and exclusive offers of our Discount Location Guide!) for the entirety of that season.

How does the Discount Location Guide fit in with our company values?

This year more than ever, we’re all about supporting local, which is why we’re keen to celebrate those small, independent businesses dotted about North Wales & Cumbria’s corners. For many years, we’ve worked alongside a handful of brilliant local businesses, such as Rhyl Miniature Railway and Greenwood Family Park, who are well-known in the area among locals and tourists alike.

What we’ve learnt over the past strange two years is the value of nurturing strong community relationships, and looking after those treasure troves on our doorsteps. We’ve been on the scene for almost a century now, and the one thing we do know is that every little independent gift shop, coffee hut, ice cream parlour and nail salon is what makes North Wales thrive as a tourist hotspot.

This is why we’ve made it our mission this year to not only include the big names (we’re thrilled to reveal that Go Below Zip World are on the cards this year!), but also the smaller companies we know and love.

Which business can we get exclusive offers at next season?

We’re just crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s, but we’re thrilled to announce some new businesses who have jumped on board this year! These include:

There’s plenty more in store – wait and see at the start of the season which wonderful brands we’ve got on board.

Got any suggestions about where you’d like to receive exclusive offers as Lyons owners? Comment on our Facebook, Instagram, or email us!