Entertainment Special: Introducing Our New Friends, The Beach Buddies!

Join us next season on our biggest adventure yet with our brand new all-singing, all-dancing team, the wonderful Beach Buddies!

A holiday to the North Wales coast wouldn’t be the same without the well-known Leo, Milo, and Hetty, who have been making friends and entertaining crowds at Lyons Robin Hood for many years. Our well-known trio has been welcoming families to the park for many seasons, have helped create precious family memories with many breakfasts, activities, and have even taught youngsters and parents a dance move or two!

What have the Beach Buddies been up to?

But like every one of our wonderful guests and owners who love to escape for a few days rest, our iconic buddies deserve a bit of a break too! According to social media, the gang took a much-needed retreat at a luxury spa in Kenya. We hear they’ve been pampered from head to toe, partook in lots of relaxing activities and caught up on some much-needed beauty sleep!

This comes as no surprise after such an action-packed 2021 season at our flagship park in Rhyl. They couldn’t stop talking about all the wonderful boys and girls they met and reminisced about the epic weekend event, Party in the Park, where they wowed crowds on-stage. Although they’re born for the holiday park life, we’re super glad to hear they took some time out and are set to come back better, brighter (and lighter, no more Ozzy Stack Burgers!) ready for a cracking 2022 season.

Being the chatty and friendly bunch of buds that they are, it was beyond easy for them to make friends at the spa in Kenya. And their glow-up and the new look isn’t the only exciting thing to look forward to this season…

What’s new with the Beach Buddies?

Leo, Milo and Hetty were forever talking about their fabulous life on the North Wales coast, where there’s plenty of golden sands, blue skies, and rolling waves to play in. This caught the attention of a particular safari animal who was longing to return to the UK, having toured Kenya for many seasons! It wasn’t long before the Beach Buddies extended an invitation, sorted the plane tickets, and Zoomed our team at Lyons Robin Hood to see if there was room for an extra special someone this summer.

Back home, we’ve been preparing for the Beach Buddies’ return and it’s safe to say that 2022 is set to be our most action-packed season yet. And we’re thrilled to announce that there are not only three little beds being made up, but four…

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open as we’ll be revealing more about our fantastic fourth Beach Buddy as the start of the season nears. In the meantime, check out the glow-up our favourite friends received in Kenya by checking our Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also sign up to our mailing list to receive all information about the Beach Buddies, including an invitation to their red carpet welcome back party, the types of activities they’ll be getting stuck into next season, and what they got up to on their vacation, of course!

Stay tuned, folks, there’s a surprise in store for all Lyons Holiday Parks friends…