Holiday Park Insight: The New Normal in North Wales

All you need to know about the new holiday park rules and guidelines in North Wales. Updates from the Welsh Government announcement on Saturday, August 7th.

Two words are on the lips of millions of people across the whole of Wales. They’re stirring excitement in the stomachs of many yearning for normality. On the brink of a new era, those two words are being uttered with foreseen sighs of relief – perhaps even tears of joy. Whether you work on a farm, in a hospital, in a fair or in a holiday park, those two words are the closest thing to nullifying the angst and frustration of the past 16 months.

The two words that mean so much this afternoon: Freedom Day. 

What ‘Freedom Day’ will mean (for everyone, not just this holiday park!)

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Although reminiscent of World War II triumph, ‘Freedom Day’ in 2021 means victory for many in both political and scientific battles. Quite simply, it means the day all Coronavorus restrictions will be lifted, and the world the ‘most normal’ it’s been in almost 2 years.

Freedom Day comes after months of social distancing, face coverings, pre-booking required for restaurants, and no going to the bar to order a pint. At one point, any sort of travel was banned, let alone jet setting to Spain on the annual family holiday. These restrictions have been eased over the past few weeks, and we’re glad to see the world is far away from where it once was last winter.

The First Minister’s last announcement in July was well-received by many and allowed a further relaxing of some life-altering rules. These changes affected people meeting indoors, organised events, ice rinks, and holidays. But tomorrow is a new dawn, a new day, a new life…and at Lyons Holiday Parks, we’re feeling good!

The difference between Wales & England

The pandemic has highlighted many things: one of them is the difference between how Wales and England are run by officials. July 19th saw Freedom Day in England, as UK prime minister Boris Johnson decided it was time to return to normality and scrap all restrictions. As a leading holiday park in North Wales, this was frustrating to watch as we just wanted the best holiday park experience for our guests and owners.

Mark Drakeford took a more cautious approach for Wales, which caused some confusion for folks living on the England/Wales border, or those who were holidaying in the latter. But after his announcement today, thousands of holiday park guests and owners will be delighted when the majority of rules are scrapped tomorrow and Wales moves in to ‘Alert Level 0.’

What will the new rules in Wales be?

From Saturday nearly all coronavirus restrictions will be lifted in Wales, offering people and businesses the most amount of freedom since the start of the pandemic. The restrictions on the number of people meeting indoors in private homes, public places or at events have been lifted and all businesses and premises can open.

Here are the new rules in Wales as of Saturday, August 7th 2021, announced by the Welsh Government today:

  • Fully vaccinated adults in Wales who are close contacts of a positive Covid-19 case will not have to self-isolate from 7 August
  • No legal limits on the number of people who can meet indoors
  • All public premises, including nightclubs, would be able to open with the majority of restrictions removed
  • Masks will not be required by law to be worn in hospitality settings but will continue in most indoor public places and public transport
  • There will also be no legal requirement to follow social distancing guidelines.

How will Freedom Day affect this leading holiday park?

To make things as clear as possible, we’ve outlined below exactly what the new rules will be from tomorrow onwards. (Warning: dancing is included!)

  • Table service is no longer essential, meaning customers can go up to the bar and order food & drink in all Lyons bars
  • Guests will no longer have to stay at their tables, meaning dancing will be back during evening entertainment!
  • Face masks will no longer be a legal requirement for guests in hospitality venues. However, for the safety of our team, owners and guests, we will be encouraging visitors to wear their face coverings indoors
  • Face coverings inside all other public spaces (including the shop and arcades) must be worn by guests and the team

A message from our holiday park to you

This weekend is set to be a great one, and we’re expecting a lot of hustle and bustle, just like the days gone by! We want you to have the most wonderful time, no matter which Lyons holiday park you’re staying at. In light of this, we just wanted to share a short and heartfelt message with you which will hopefully mean as many people as possible can enjoy our popular parks.

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” We’ve quoted one of the coined phrases of 2020 here to remind you that although legal requirements have now been lifted, we urge you to keep others in mind at all times. This includes our wonderful team, who have been working hard all season to keep you all safe, within constantly changing guidelines and circumstances. This also applies to other guests and owners, who may or may not have different perspectives on the recent rule changes. We’re all here to have a good time – let’s work together and spread that positive atmosphere so we can continue enjoying the rest of the summer!’


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