Why ‘Static Caravans For Sale North Wales’ Could Be the Most Googled Query This Summer

Find out why ‘static caravans for sale North Wales’ is the most searched query on Google this summer with Lyons Holiday Parks’ marketing experts…

It comes as no surprise that many of us are keen to explore untrodden paths after the recent lockdowns. But it’s also no surprise that there are still some fears about holidaying abroad. Just how safe will flying abroad be? How long will these fears last? Will we all have to be vaccinated in order to enjoy a week in Costa del Sol?

One type of holiday that sends all these fears flying out the window is the Great British Holiday.  Find out why below as we ask the experts in the industry…

Why are people holidaying at home?

Vacationing at home, or ‘staycationing,’ has been on the rise for the past 18 months. Brits are keener than ever to escape the everyday mundanity that lockdown has imposed, and opt for a different, more serene reality. A hotspot for tourism since the early 1920s, the emergence of static caravans for sale in North Wales has been on the rise over the past few decades among tourists and holidaymakers.

But Beth Hughes, digital marketing executive for Lyons Holiday Parks predicts the region is growing in popularity due to the post-pandemic effect. She said: “The coastal escape or countryside break has always been a hit with city folk. This year more than ever, UK residents are deeming bustling city breaks as a last resort holiday, due to the business, lack of social distancing – and general lifestyle really! People just want to get away and relax, and Lyons Holiday Parks is the perfect postcard for that.

How popular is ‘static caravans for sale North Wales?’

“This is why people have been looking for second homes away from towns and cities, and is the main reason why static caravans for sale North Wales is one of the most searched queries this summer. It’s always popular, but this year has seen a significant spike, particularly after the easing of lockdown restrictions in the spring of 2021.

“People are also searching for caravan parks near the sea or with affordable site fees, or with kids’ clubs and entertainment. At Lyons Holiday Parks, we have all this and more. The great thing about our portfolio is that it spans across the North Welsh coastline, with a handful of parks in each county. If someone searches ‘static caravans for sale North Wales’ on Google and they a list of our parks, chances are they’ll find something that suits them due to our incredible diversity and range of demographics.”

Will people keep searching for this term?

Beth added: “According to our data, there has been a 42% increase in the number of times someone has Googled ‘static caravans for sale North Wales’ between July 2019 and July 2021. There are over 318,000 results on Google, and this will only increase as more static caravans for sale North Wales sites crop up over the next few years.”

‘Static caravans for sale’ as a general country-wide term is another kettle of fish, according to the Lyons Holiday Parks marketing team. The fact that there are 2.6 million results on Google alone displays just how booming the holiday home industry is. These results range from anything between small local dealers to international holiday groups, to eBay listings and even manufacturers’ websites. For the Lyons group, focusing on quality new and used holiday homes to sell in North Wales is the number one priority in 2021 and beyond.

Static caravan industry facts

Take a look at our infographic below to find out some interesting trade insights…


What do the experts say?

Michelle Roberts, park manager at Lyons Robin Hood in Rhyl, said: “This year has been unbelievably popular in terms of holiday home sales. We’ve had a record-breaking number of appointments and enquiries from people all over the UK who want to enjoy the joys of the North Wales coastal holiday.

“Owning a static caravan in North Wales is the new ‘in-trend and we’re working as hard as we can to meet demand. With Lyons, ownership doesn’t just mean having somewhere to escape to every weekend. It means exclusive Lyons owner benefits, such as access to all facilities on all parks, local discounts and deals, and owners’ only events. It really is the year to buying a holiday home in North Wales.”

Joseph Lyons Mound, company director said: “The pandemic has affected the tourism industry in ways no one could have predicted. So many people have been deprived of the holidays they’re used to, due to the fears surrounding foreign travel. This is where we step in. We have a selection of hire fleet caravans for people to book throughout the season, but we’re also one of the known leading static caravan retailers in the UK.

“The North Welsh economy and tourism sector means a great deal to us, and it’s a pleasure to see so many faces, both old and new, enjoying the wonderful scenery and culture in the region.”



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