How to Plan for Living in a Holiday Home with Kids

Thinking about spending a summer with your family in a holiday home on the North Welsh coast? Here’s a guide on how to thrive in your chosen model with kids!

The domestic holiday industry is huge: there are many lodges and holiday homes designed for families to choose from. With some advanced planning, it can be an exciting step for families to take. Whilst many aspects will depend on the age of your children, we’ve spoken to N. Doe Caravans, static caravan dealers in the UK, to share some top tips on how to prepare for caravan life with kids.

Find the right sized caravan


The ‘right size’ will depend on how many children you have living with you and if you plan to have more in the near future. For many, this will rule our one or two-bedroom holiday homes, so consider researching three-bed statics or even four-bed or twin units if they are in your budget.

Essentially, you want enough space so that you don’t feel cramped in your home and that as children get older, they can enjoy more privacy. As parents or caregivers, it’s also appealing to have extra space so you can keep things organised.

With the world as it is, working from home (or from your home from home!) is now on the rise with more people opting for remote work placements as opposed to offices. While it may not be on your agenda just yet, it’s always worth looking at units that are big and spacious enough to accommodate your work needs. It’s all about the work/life balance!

Other considerations:

  • How big is the communal living space?
  • Is the kitchen/diner open plan?
  • Can decking be added?
  • Is there a lot of natural light?
  • How will existing furniture fit?
  • Is there enough storage?

If you know which Lyons Holiday Park you’re moving to, talk to us anytime about our holiday homes suitable for families and for more information on twin bases and single plots.

Research your top caravan parks

robin hood

As well as checking the requirements for holiday homes in your favourite park or parks, it’s always best to take the time to talk to us about how we cater to families. Things to consider are: if we offer any activities for children; if so, for what ages; are there indoor and outdoor play areas; how safe is the park itself for children; is it a long walk to the facilities; is there a children’s pool; are there any main roads adjacent to the park; and whether the Entertainment schedule has enough content for children.

All of our parks are family and pet-friendly and have a wonderful community. Life on-park can be a great way for kids to make new friends and stay active, and forge friendships that will last for years. Our most popular family parks for kids are Lyons Robin Hood, Lyons Winkups, Lyons Oakfield with plenty of entertainment, amusement arcades, pools and even a funfair in Towyn!

It’s also worthwhile to check what’s nearby the park in terms of activities for children, fun days out and whether there’s a shop close enough for all of your essentials. Are there lots of walks you can enjoy as a family as well? Anything nearby you can do for free can really help stretch a family budget.

Decide on mod-cons

Always consider what will make home life easier with kids in a caravan. Modern appliances can save time and energy, ensuring you have more quality time with your children. Double-check what’s built-in and included in the sale, such as a microwave, spacious ovens, and even storage space for colouring books and buckets and spades. Always note how many sockets are available for all the technology you’ll want to use, like phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s and even lighting features.

Most modern holiday homes will cater to modern technology use, but just take the time to consider how you will live in the space and the requirements you need as a family. Whilst not a ‘mod-con’, consider choosing a caravan with double glazing to help reduce energy consumption.

Consider safety features

If you’re moving into a caravan with young children then you’ll still want all of the safety precautions of a traditional brick and mortar home. These can include:

  • Safety gates
  • Safety latches on cabinets and drawers
  • Window guards
  • Keeping small objects out of reach
  • Socket guards
  • Wipeable surfaces

Make sure you’re prepared and have these precautions in place before young children start staying in the holiday home. There are also further seasonal safety issues to consider, such as managing wet steps leading to the front door and controlling hot temperatures in the summer. As much as possible, consider year-round safety and prepare ahead of time.

Furthermore, check that the holiday home you’re buying or renting has all of its safety checks – electrical, gas etc – and has features such as a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm for peace of mind.

Ask your kids for their thoughts

As adults, you’ll be making the decisions but it’s beneficial to check in with your kids to see how they are feeling about vacationing in a holiday home for years to come! Are they excited by it? Do they understand that this will be a second home?

Whilst it can be a very exciting time, change may bring up some worries but staying open and honest can help. What’s one of the first things they want to do as a family when you move in? What are they most looking forward to? Working this out can help you make it as fun as possible for them.

Have a question on family holiday homes?

At Lyons Holiday Parks, our friendly team of advisors are always on hand to go through any questions or concerns you may have. Purchasing a holiday home is a lifetime investment and one that your kids should certainly be involved in! When you arrange an appointment to come to park, bring the kids with you, and see their reaction to the wonderful life in our parks. They’ll be able to get a sneak preview of the Ents programme and activities, play in the play park, visit the nearby beaches, and even enjoy an ice cream at some parks while parents chat to our team over a coffee!

Our go-to experts, N.Doe Caravans, also have a number of larger units in stock and offer transport and siting across the UK. With three and four-bedroom options and twin units from top manufacturers, there’s a good choice to pick from for your next home.

Call us today on 01745 362020 for a non-obligation call with our friendly team!



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