6 Instagrammable Spots That’ll Make You Think You’re Somewhere Else in Europe

When Taking a Break in Wales Feels Like You’re On Holiday in Europe – What More Could You Need?

Unbeatable views. Local heritage. Endless mountains to master and boundless shores to roam. When you have access to the beautiful North Welsh landscape, what reason do you have to go abroad?

With passport worries, Covid-19 guidelines to follow, airport delays and cancellations hitting the media in the past few weeks, we say why go abroad to Europe when you can get the best of the best right here in our homeland?

In the year of the ‘staycation,’ here at Lyons we’re keen to remind you of the wonders on your doorstep. And before you say “holidaying at home just isn’t the same as going abroad,” we already know. Holidaying in Wales is better. 

We wanted to highlight how spending time in North Wales will make you think you’re on holiday. Maybe even in Europe with some of these beautiful Instagram finds! Read on to discover some of the region’s most valued gems – both on and off the ‘gram.

1) Pen-Y-Pass or The Italian Alps?

@Melgarside snapped this wonderful winter shot in Snowdonia…

But we think it looks like Champoluc, a small ski resort in the Italian Valle D’Aosta Alps!


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2) Portmeirion or the Amalfi Coast?

The tiny Italian-style village situation in Gwynedd is abundant with colour and life.

Doesn’t Portmeirion resemble the Italian village it was inspired upon?!

3) Menai Bridge or Budapest?

The giant crossway from the mainland to Anglesey was completed in 1826

…and is only a decade and a half older than the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest.

4) Caernarfon or southern Europe?

Caernarfon Bay is a great spot for fishing…


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and so too is Portofino on the south coast of Italy


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5) Llyn Padarn or Norway?

Can’t a-fjord to travel to Oslo? Don’t worry, Llyn Padarn in Snowdonia is a better alternative!


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either option seems chilly to us….


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6) Conwy Or Carcassonne?

Both were constructed centuries ago to create walled regions for their people. The first is in Conwy, the most northern county in mainland Wales…

And the other medieval fortress is proudly situated in Cité de Carcassonne, in the Occittanie region of southern France.


These are our favourite places, how lucky we are! Do you know anywhere else in Wales which could pass for a place in Europe? Comment below and share your local and worldly knowledge with others.