Simple And Effective Ways To Save Money On A UK Holiday

Are you dreaming of a holiday, but the purse strings are a little tight this year? Here are our top tips on how you can save money whilst on holiday in the UK, without spoiling any of the fun!

Simple but effective money-saving tips on a UK holiday

Come rain or shine, there is never a dull moment when on a UK staycation! It is what you make of it, and although you may fear that fun costs money, we are here to tell you that enjoying leisure time in the UK can be cheap and cheerful when following these simple steps to saving money…

Avoid peak times

Unfortunately, popular times for travel equals unpopular peak prices for holidaymakers. Travelling outside of peak times such as school holidays, bank holidays, and on the occasion of popular events such as race days, football matches, and the first weekend (or six months) out of lockdown, would save you a fortune whilst you would be able to enjoy the perk of quiet tourist hot spots and avoiding busy crowds!

If you are travelling with school-age children, do not worry! We recommend searching for holidays towards the end of the summer holidays or Easter holidays. You may be surprised at some of the bargains you’re able to bag during these times.

Consider travel expenses

When travelling long distances to reach your holiday destination, you’re going to need to satisfy those rumbling tummies. We are all guilty of spending unnecessary amounts of money on food and drinks whilst on the go; all the “small” expenses, £3 here and £5 there, quickly add up! Resist the temptation of roadside takeaways and pre-pack a delicious picnic to enjoy in the car.

Oh, and remember to fill your tank at your local garage or supermarket! Fuel prices on the motorway can be extortionate, unnecessarily costing you those extra pounds.

Save on days out

There is so much to see and do in North Wales, holidaymakers are well and truly spoilt for choice. North Wales is home to some of the most incredible spots of natural beauty, stretches of golden sandy beaches, historic castles, and intriguing museums! Exploring the countryside or enjoying a day at the beach won’t cost you a penny (apart from potential parking fees) and make a fantastic family day out. Again, packing a picnic may not be a bad idea to enjoy throughout the day and keep those rumbling tummies at bay.

If hiking up Snowdon, exploring historic sites, castles, and museums, doesn’t tickle your fancy, North Wales has numerous attractions for the whole family to enjoy! Although some may come at a small cost, they certainly won’t cost you excessive amounts. Check out some of the top outdoor attractions you can enjoy this summer and perhaps loosen the purse strings for here. Some attractions may offer discounts for students and NHS staff (blue light cardholders), while children under a certain age may enter at no cost at all, so it’s definitely worth doing your research and planning your days out in advance in order to budget your spending and enjoy the wonderful attractions North Wales has to offer.

To eat out or not to eat out

One of the many thing’s lockdown has taught us is how to enjoy staying in, whether that be cooking a fancy meal, recreating your favourite takeaway, or stocking up on your favourite snacks whilst enjoying a movie. We have learnt how to create the ultimate stay at home experiences! Although many of us have missed eating out, we have learnt it isn’t a necessity and can be enjoyed in moderation alongside cosy nights in, especially when on a budget!

With that being said… what’s a holiday without the dining out experience and indulging in delicious food and drinks? Dining out can be so exciting, but nothing tastes sweeter than a great deal! Do your research beforehand, as many restaurants may offer 2-4-1 dining, percentage discounts, early-bird menus, and special value evenings. This will help you decide where and when you can eat out, without it costing you a fortune.

We hope these tips can help you enjoy your getaway without the stress of money worries. Book your UK staycation and save money with Lyons Holiday Parks!

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