The Most Uninspiring Places To Visit in North Wales

Forever bringing you inspiration, Lyons Holiday Parks have delivered a special edition this month. Here’s our list of the top ten most uninspiring, boring, places to visit in the region. Just because we fancied something different!

Now April is here, we thought it’s about time we delivered some fresh, new content to fill you with un-excitement. We’re completely dulled to bring to you the blandest and driest tourist checklist of all time: the worst places in North Wales to visit. Don’t miss out on any of these amazingly dreary hotspots, courtesy of us!

1. The bus stop outside a superstore in Bangor

2. J8a off Britannia Bridge

3. Clwyd Carpets

4. Quicksand at a North Wales beach

5. A roomy gloomy car park

6. Bollards at Robin Hood

north wales

7. This lampost in Prestatyn

north wales

8. Potholes, potholes, potholes

9. Rhyl railway bridge 

north wales

10. The local North Wales biocide industry

north wales



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