10 Covid Safe Spots You Don’t Want To Miss This Spring

Looking for that perfect secluded spot for you and your family to enjoy this Easter? Here are our top ten most Covid-safe spots for you to access from any Lyons Holiday park site this spring.

With the socially-distanced, crowd-avoiding year we’ve had, it’s no surprise that city break bookings are down and British rural getaways are on the up this summer. Most of you want to trade the bustling bars and museums of towns for more isolated, peaceful pastures. And that’s OK!

The Year of The Staycation ahead of us is all about spending quality time with family in a place everyone is comfortable with. Where there’s room to roam, picturesque places to perch with a picnic, where the only thing you’re breathing in is fresh country air.

Our generational desire to stay away from crowded spaces is justified – here’s how you can do that while still soaking up the local culture and beauty of North Wales this year:

1. Porth Wen, Amlwch

Closest to: Lyons Pendyffryn Hall

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Credit: Daniel Start

Our first secluded spot takes us to what’s arguably the most tranquil location in North Wales – the Isle of Anglesey. Riddled with Neolithic burial cairns and Iron Age villages, the island is steeped in history that’s often frequented by ramblers and hikers. For something off the beaten track, try the incredible hidden harbour of Porth Wen Brickworks. Here you’ll find beehive kilns, a rock arch, and a white pebble beach that’s perfect for wild swimming.

2. Capel Hebron, Llanberis

Closest to: Lyons Pendyffryn Hall, Lyons Winkups

This chapel was built in the foothills of Snowdon in 1797, away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby Llanberis town. The derelict building can be found just below Snowdon Mountain Railway’s Hebron station, nestled among the vales and natural slopes of Cwm Brwynog. In its heyday, the local economy was supported by slate quarrying, tourism and farming. But changes to the latter in 1958 forced the population to flee, leaving Capel Hebron to close its doors and collect dust on its 120 seats – talk about Covid-safe and self-isolated!

3. Llyn Geirionydd, Llanrwst

Closest to: Lyons Pendyffryn Hall, Lyons Winkups


Probably one of the more popular spots, Llyn Geirionydd is still a must-see when you’re searching for a local beauty spot this summer. Home to Taliesin, the 6th-century poet, Llyn Geirionydd offers a beautiful walking trail to the nearby Llyn Crafnant. 150 years ago this landscape was a derelict industrial spot – look closely, and you’ll be able to spot the waste tip near an old lead mine entrance.

4. St Dyfnog’s Well, Denbigh

Closest to: Lyons Woodlands Hall


Fancy dipping your toes in a mythically magical wellspring? (We don’t actually recommend submerging your digits in, if we’re talking about Covid-safe, by the way!) St Dyfnog’s Well, in Llanrhaeadr, dates back to the 6th century where St. Dyfnog once lived. According to legend, he stood doing penance under the spring torrent with a belted iron chain cast around him. Well-known for its healing powers, St Dyfnog’s Well was a popular attraction for bars and pilgrims for centuries. Follow the steps that lead to the sacred pool from the wonderful woodland walkway of St Dyfnog’s Church.

5. Coed Ty’n-y-Bwlch, Harlech

Closest to: Lyons Pendyffryn Hall, Lyons Winkups

How does a secret valley on the west coast of Wales sound? So secret that you won’t find much about it on Google – and definitely Covid-safe as it’s off the beaten track. Find this woodland wonder just 6 miles south-east of Portmeirion by following the A487 to Penrhyndeudraeth, crossing Pont Briwet, and driving down the A496 through Talsarnau. Discover a flat area of natural regeneration and glorious views, and follow the clear path to an impressive stone wall lining the secret vale.

6. Llangelynin Church, Conwy 

Closest to: Lyons Pendyffryn Hall, Lyons Winkups



Expect stunning views of the Conwy Valley and deserted moorland when you visit this ancient church. The building itself dates back to the 12th century, and is located next to a 6th century well! Why is this spot Covid-safe, you ask? Because this church is the only thing that remains of the parish of Llangelynin, and is on the list as one of the most remote in North Wales. Perched high on the hilltops, this church is home to St Celynin, who once had the power to heal poorly children. Now, the church is an ancient holy place and is home to a colony of newts.

7. The Blue Lake

Closest to: Lyons Pendyffryn Hall, Lyons Winkups

Hidden within Snowdonia’s National Park, the Blue Lake is a deep, naturally beautiful wonder that’s way off the beaten track. This can be stumbled upon by the lucky few who are prepared to trek for a few hours. With no signs to lead the way, it’s only accessible through a tunnel built into the side of the cliffs.

8. Nantlgyn, Denbighshire

Closest to: Lyons Robin Hood

8. Nantlgyn, Denbighshire


Plan: head to the quaint town of Denbigh for a takeaway coffee and fill your backpack with lovely treats from Henllan bakery. Next, drive three miles south to Nantglyn where you’ll find some glorious yew trees that according to local historians, predate Christianity. This Covid-safe spot boasts a shining glory: an ancient 2,000-year-old yew tree with a stone pulpit and steps carved into it. The founder of Methodism, John Wesley, is said to have climbed these very steps in the 18th century.

9. Porthygwichiaid, Anglesey

Closest to: Lyons Pendyffryn Hall, Lyons Winkups

This tiny secret beach is definitely a Covid-safe spot to visit with only 400 yards to explore when the tide is low. Found on the east coast of Anglesey, you can access this hidden gem from the north side of the cove by a little winding footpath and some zig-zag steps. Popular with hikers, ramblers, birdwatchers and sometimes fishermen, Porthygwichiad should definitely be on your list if you’re keen on avoiding crowds this spring.

10. Ceunant Llennyrch, Snowdonia

Closest to: Lyons Pendyffryn Hall, Lyons Winkups


Dubbed as the ‘Celtic Rainforest’ of North Wales, this magnificent eco-site is a definite Covid-safe spot. This Atlantic oak woodland is one of the largest woods in Wales. Perched high above the Vale of Ffestiniog and lined by the stunning waterfalls of Afon Prysor gorge, and is home to an abundance of wildlife including ravens, adders, badgers, foxes, otters, and jays

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