Why Lyons Nant Hall Are Supporting the Community

Lockdown left our venues empty – but here’s why we’re filling up the foodbanks as part of our continued community care programme.

Lyons Nant Hall is a time-hallowed gateway on the coastal Prestatyn Road. Shadowed by towering trees and proudly boasting its 17th-century exterior, this popular venue is a key landmark for eager motorists fleeing to the North Welsh shores. Notable not so much for its historical status or Grade II listed reputation: but for its location, which is a stark indicator for keen holidaymakers that the long-awaited beach is nearby. Pass the Nant, and you’re in holiday territory: welcome to the world of fish & chips, chiming amusement arcades, sand mixed in suncream and generously sunny days.

Nant Hall origins: providing for royalty & residents

nant hall

The Nant Hall, formally known as ‘Plas Yn Y Nant’ (Mansion in the brook,) has had many residents and has watered many thirsty mouths. It’s documented that King Charles II stayed at The Nant during his 1660 tour, and centuries later, the building was sold by Thomas Griffiths Dixon Esq and subsequently became a hotel.

From royalty to laymen, for decades apiece, The Nant Hall has served the community as a place of rest, of joy, of celebration and of comfort. In June 2010, the Mound family decided to carry on this legacy and have lovingly restored the now Lyons Nant Hall into the magnificent venue it is today.

Why we want to help

As a family-run business, who have been catering for thousands of families for almost 100 years, the Lyons group are committed to upholding the community we so value. With 13 holiday parks across the North Welsh coast, we can say with certainty that one of our main appeals is our location. But it’s more than geographical space: it’s the people who make up the community.

The Nant Hall has been enjoyed by both local punters and passers-by under the Mound’s name for over a decade. We’ve organised wonderful weddings, created the perfect space for Christenings, topped up your bubbly at Christmas do’s and cooked meals with love for your kids. We love being a staple in the community, and we love that you all make Lyons Nant Hall your regular alma mater.

The effect on the community

But unfortunately, March 2020 removed not just our ability to cater to your needs – the pandemic and lockdown halted hospitality across the world. We know you missed popping in for a pint or a light bite to eat, and trust us, we missed you too. Despite being unable to serve our regulars across the bar, we still found a way to serve the community we cherish.

We did this by donating all of our dry stock to our local food bank at Festival Church, Prestatyn. We knew things would be a lot quieter due to the March 2020 lockdown, but we knew we had to keep supporting the things that matter to us.

Nant Hall decides to enforce change

mason jones

Kim McCormick, events lead at Lyons Nant Hall, said it was a no-brainer when it came to dishing out a variety of dried goods to those in need. Large parcels of cereal, crisps, tins, tea bags, coffee and more were dropped off at the Foodbank on Victoria Road. Kim said: “It’s great that we were able to support the local community, which is something our directors are always eager to do.  So we emptied everything out and donated it to those in need.

“Obviously before the pandemic hit, no one had a clue that hospitality would be struck the way it did. We had ordered in what we normally use around that time of year, but when we realised we wouldn’t be using it at all, it just seemed like such a waste. It didn’t seem right putting it in the bin when it was all in date and all usable.

“It’s a small gesture from us that will make a huge difference to the lives of people who make up the community.”

What’s happening now?

One year on, and the tables are still empty – but we know the date is soon coming when we can welcome you back and we’re so excited to get everything tip-top for you all. The venue is being prepped for what will hopefully be a prosperous season, and during the latest clearout, more dried foods within date were accounted for.

So Kim, alongside bartender Mason Jones, dropped a number of boxes off again at Festival Church. These packages included breakfast goods, such as cereals and jams, as well as the ever-important teabags and coffee. Kim added that the group are now eager to provide as much as possible for the community.

She said: “If there’s ever been a time where generosity and empathy are prominent, it’s now. Lyons Nant Hall isn’t just a pub – it’s an important venue for the people of Rhyl and Prestatyn, and we want to continue providing throughout this year.”

To donate food items yourself, visit the Prestatyn and Meliden Foodbank website.