From Parks To Peaks: Join Us In Our Snowdon Charity Challenge!

It’s time to be a part of something that matters – choose your charity now and help us relieve the impact of the pandemic on those who matter.

This year more than ever, the importance of supporting those who deserve a helping hand has never been more apparent – and we want to give something back to the community that we continue to value. Here, our Team Snowdon challenge comes in!

What is the challenge?

So in just over 9 weeks’ time, the sales team at Lyons Robin Hood will be heading to the highest mountain in the country – all in aid of a charity chosen by you. Fundraising efforts have already begun, and the team have embarked on gradually rigorous training regimes to ensure they get to the summit on May 17th.

Lyons 2021 Snowdon Challenge is our way of doing what we can on behalf of those who can’t. This spring, our sales team will put down their handbooks and lace up their hiking boots at dawn. They will then head to Mount Snowdon, standing at 1085m, in a bid to raise vital funds for a charity that offers relief from the impact of the pandemic.

Why we want to help

Lyons Robin Hood park manager, Michelle Roberts, said: “The effects of the pandemic for many aspects of our society have been unthinkable. Not only from a healthcare perspective – but from a community one too. This is why we would like your support in deciding our chosen charity.

“We as a team have been so inspired. By some of our owners on park, members of the community, and all frontline workers who have given tirelessly throughout the past year. The Lyons Snowdon Challenge is a small gesture in comparison to the selfless work of so many keyworkers – but we are committed to showing our support, and want to help in any way we can.”

Joseph Lyons-Mound, company director, will also be trekking to the top with the rest of the team on what will hopefully be a bright spring day. He said: “This year has been all about giving. So many keyworkers have dedicated their time and energy to fighting the pandemic. Millions of others have suffered in silence while self-isolating from their loved ones. Countless people across the UK have suffered not only physically, but socially, financially, emotionally.

“We are speaking out for those who have got through the past year silently, and our small team truly believes we can make a big difference. As things are beginning to look a bit brighter, we have decided that it’s time for us to do something proactive in the ‘battle against Coronavirus.’ Not from a medical perspective, of course, but in an optimistic way that shows we understand and we care about those who have been impacted most.”

How do I get involved in the challenge?

As Joseph said, this challenge is a team and community effort – which is why we want you to get involved! So many people have been affected by the past 12 months’ events. But we need your insight into who you think deserves a little boost. With your help and perspective, we can ensure the money we have fundraised goes to the charity that needs the most support.

Each of the three charities we have chosen are as worthy as one another. So, please take your time to read more about the work they do and understand how our fundraising efforts will be used.

Which charities can I choose?

The three charities open for nomination for the Team Lyons Snowdon Challenge are:


Fundraising in aid of Glan Clwyd Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU. Hundreds of Covid-19 patients have been treated since the outbreak of the pandemic.


Providing lifelines to those in need across the Vale of Clwyd – alongside the Salvation Army,  British Red Cross & Age Connect – by distributing food parcels & financial advice.


Supporting current and former care workers who have put their patient’s needs before their own. The Careworkers Charity provides one-off crisis grants to carers and former carers.

We’ll do the hiking – the challenge for you is to select a charity you’d like our money to go to! You can choose anonymously today by clicking here.

How are we putting our twist on this challenge?

As we’ve highlighted, this is a team challenge that aims to bring the community together. We want to highlight that no one is alone. And that behind the Lyons logo, we’re just a bunch of people wanting to make a small change in this strange world.

To demonstrate mutual support for a worthy cause, we’ll be sharing our training progress via our Facebook page for you all to see how hard we’re working on getting those donations in! You can track our training through the hashtag #ParksToPeaks on Facebook, or on our Blog section of the website. Soon you’ll be able to virtually meet the team, and keep up to date with any interesting (or downright hilarious!) training stories they encounter along the way.

Our marketing team will also be accompanying the sales squad up Snowdon. They will be LIVE STREAMING highlights of the walk on our Facebook page, showing off those sweaty faces on the summit! Make sure you’re following us on social media for a one-off insights into the #ParksToPeaks team members!

Here’s another interesting twist. Due to safety, and in line with projected government guidelines, a select team will head to Snowdon on May 17th. But for every Lyons team member that reaches the summit, the company will donate a lump sum towards the chosen charity. A bit of encouragement to get to the top, isn’t it?!

When will the charity be announced?

You’ve got less than two weeks to choose your charity – so get nominating now by clicking here, and become a part of this incredible community challenge today. Your opinion matters to us – and it will mean the world to those deserving charities too.

The chosen charity will be announced on our Facebook page on March 31st, when fundraising will also begin. Once an organisation has been chosen, we will set up a Just Giving page whereby donations will be gratefully received.

How can I get involved?

Supporting this charity challenge is as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Choose your charity by clicking here
  2. Follow us on Facebook and like our #ParksToPeaks posts
  3. Listen in on March 31st to hear which charity has been chosen by you, then visit our Just Giving page