12 Things You Never Knew About Holiday Home Ownership

Here lie the secrets of holiday home ownership – from the good, the bad…and the brilliant.

Interested in purchasing your own home away from home? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned owner enticed by knowledgeable promises within this article? Whatever your background, we’re here to spill the beans about what ownership with Lyons really means.

The ‘Year of the Staycation’ promises to be an unforgettable one, with holiday home sales already creeping up nationwide. But before you delve into a world of late-night sunsets and dreamy weekends away, we thought we’d share some facts and insights that you wouldn’t otherwise be privy to.

The effect of ownership on you…


1. You’ll become more spontaneous

Booking a holiday abroad means you’re restricted by flights, multiple days off work, and who can babysit the dogs. This means a lot of planning and preparation is involved. But when you become an owner, you’ll find yourself whizzing off to the coast every weekend with only a book and some walking boots. Everything you need will already be there, meaning you can live life in the moment – and not worry about airport drop-off charges.

2. Bad weather won’t put you off

We all know there’s nothing more satisfying than arriving on holiday to a spell of glorious sunshine. Us Brits actually tend to plan many of our holidays around the forecast. But being an owner means you have the means to entertain yourself – whatever the weather. Bright skies will mean you can sunbathe on your balcony, but a downpour gives you a reason to snuggle up with a book and a cuppa from the comfort of your own home. The sound of rain falling on your holiday home roof is surprisingly therapeutic – and you’ll be glad of the free jet wash for the exterior too!

3. The luxury available with ownership will surprise you

On that note, some may say being stuck in a caravan on the coast when it’s raining cats and dogs isn’t their idea of a dream holiday. But relax, it’s not like you’re camping in a non-insulated tent. Holiday homes have had over a century to evolve, meaning most units boast more luxury than a standard city-break hotel.

Modern units offer electrical fires, feature fittings, permanent hot running water, and even free-standing sofas. Opt for a lodge, and you will be truly stunned by the opulence indoors – have a look at the Willerby Malton to get a glimpse of what we mean.

4. A ton of new friends will be made

ownership friends

It’s true that it’s the people that make a holiday park. When you sign your PLA, you’re essentially agreeing to enter a part-time neighbourship with Jenny and Johnny next door.

But what you’ll find is that your love of the open-air, lust for leisurely getaways and passion for Pinot Grigio of an evening in June is what brings you and your neighbours together. You obviously like the same things, because you both favoured the very park you’re sited on. Lasting friendships are made on-park, made even sweeter by the fact you know they’ll be coming back next year.

5. Ownership makes it well and truly yours

This really will be your home away from home – your own slice of seclusion, your personal piece of paradise. There’s no worrying about hotel staff ignoring the ‘do not disturb’ signs, or wondering how curious the housekeepers really are about your personal belongings.

You’re free to add personal touches, safe in the knowledge everything will be where you left it. In our opinion, this aspect beats going to hotels or B&Bs where dozens of heads will have touched the same pillow you’re currently sleeping on.

Interesting facts that might surprise you

surprise facts

6. Holiday homes are as old as the Model A Ford

Holiday homes have been around for decades. At the turn of the 20th century, the upper classes had horse-drawn caravans built especially for them. These were then transported by train to a nice sunny spot further afield and stayed there as static caravans.

7. You might not need a TV licence

If you already have a TV Licence for your home address (most of us do) then don’t pay for another one. You only need to buy another licence for your holiday home if there’s someone back home watching/downloading BBC content at the same time you are in your unit. We should also mention (just to be safe) that you’ll need a TV Licence if you’re permanently living in your holiday home. But at non-residential parks like Lyons, you shouldn’t be doing this anyway!

8. Make your money back with ownership


Impressed with ownership life but not with the steep-ish site fees? No worries, there’s a brilliant way to make some of your money back from renting or sub-letting your unit. Most holiday parks offer sub-let agreements, so if you’re thinking of renting it out, make sure to let the park know beforehand.

This means they can manage it for you, to save you dealing with customers directly. There may be some special requirements to do with health, safety & insurance, but sub-letting is a concrete way of having some of your hard-earned cash handed back to you.

9. Referral schemes are in place to say thank you

Sub-letting isn’t the only way to see some cash return. Lyons has a referral scheme in place for all owners where you can receive up to £4000! Simply by talking to your family and friends about the benefits of ownership.

If they then purchase a holiday and mention your name, you’ll get substantial credit to your owners’ account. This isn’t just once either – you can refer up to 3 new owners, receiving more credit each time you do.

10. You have access to all areas

You go window shopping at Lyons Eryl Hall and fall in love with a holiday home and the plot. You love the quiet and quaint setting, and the park’s lovely owners’ feel. So you buy. Your grandkids or nieces and nephews love watching the deer roam around the hall, but they need something child-friendly.

But as a Lyons owner, you’ll have access to all facilities at our sister parks. This includes amusement arcades, splash zones, teen zones and outdoor play areas. 8 passes are available for your close friends and family, meaning there’s always something for everyone across all Lyons Holiday parks.

11. Parks are open over Christmas and New Year 

Booking season may close at the end of October, but the fun doesn’t quite stop for owners. Did you know that the majority of our parks are open over the festive period? Imagine watching the fireworks over the North Welsh coast all cosy on your own balcony. Or perhaps waking up on Christmas morning to the fresh country air, and opening presents in front of the feature fire? Christmas at the caravan is especially

12. You get a discount at local attractions


The perks of ownership don’t solely relate to park facilities. You’ll also become a holder of an Owners’ Select pass, which entitles you to discount at over 50 local venues. This includes pubs, restaurants, cafes, tourism attractions, local gift shops – and anything you can think of, really!

A couple of companies are actually offering you some free gifts and samples when you pop in (think gin and bespoke beauty products.) It all helps you to have the best time away with you and your family, year-round.

Do you have any ownership secrets you’d like to share? Comment below to keep others in the know!