Delicious & Easy Recipes To Whip Up In Your Caravan

Food is a major part of any holiday: whether that’s tapas in Tenerife, croque-monsieur in Cannes, or bratwurst in Berlin.

But with staycations becoming more popular by the day, caravan holidays here in the UK are in high demand. Over two million people are opting to officially holiday at home in this way each year to recharge and explore Britain’s beauty.

But with this more relaxed mode of vacation comes the infamous responsibility: cooking in a caravan. And we get it – becoming the next Jamie Oliver when you’re staying in your static isn’t exactly on your to-do list.

This is why we’ve teamed up with both caravanning and food experts to bring to you a list of fuss-free easy recipes that you can whip up in your galley kitchen, wherever you are in the UK.

How to cook in your caravan

While food may be one of the most enjoyable elements of a holiday, cooking in a small kitchen with limited supplies and equipment can become hard work.

To help hopeful holidaymakers, caravan insurance providers Towergate surveyed its customers. They wanted to discover how their customers like to prepare meals, and the trickiest parts of cooking while away. The results were given to Pippa Leon, Food Stylist, and Recipe Writer, who worked with them to create the ultimate caravan cookbook full of wholesome, hearty, and simple recipes to enjoy.

Pippa said: “Everything has been kept simple and the recipes use as little equipment as possible. Some only use the hob, a few only use the oven and a couple use both.

“There are a few tips that will make both using this book and eating well a bit easier. First up, your kit. Get yourself a large non-stick, oven-safe frying pan. Smoked paprika, dried oregano, chilli flakes and cinnamon will certainly come in handy.

“Lastly, don’t panic if you don’t have the exact ingredients or the right sized pans. Feel free to swap things in or take things out, just be sure to adapt the cooking times if you have to use a different sized pan. Make the recipes yours and have fun doing it!”

So off the top of our heads, some of the most basic and simple dishes to cook in your caravan are:

  • Blueberry and banana pancakes
  • Marmite mushrooms on toast
  • Apple and almond bircher
  • Broccoli and feta frittata
  • Cheese, ham and egg toasty
  • One-pot pasta
  • Tuna and white bean bagels
  • Beef stroganoff
  • Spicy sausage traybake
  • Tin can chilli
  • Chicken and tomato mozzarella melt
  • Chicken tikka curry
  • Banoffee banana split
  • Peach meringue nests
  • Peanut butter hot chocolate
  • Tinned fruit crumble

Any of these strike your fancy? Are you wondering where to get the recipes from?

The ultimate caravan cookbook

Each recipe in the cookbook is made to serve two people but can easily be increased or decreased depending on how many people you’re catering to. As well as the recipes, you’ll also find tips on caravan cupboard essentials to stock-up on so that you can create delicious meals each time you’re away.

The free caravan cookbook includes 20 recipes from breakfast, lunch and dinner to sweet treats. Each one has been kept simple, using as little equipment as possible and only a few use the oven – something caravanners said they only liked to use occasionally.

Simple yet delicious meals

We asked foodie Pippa to hone in on her favourite three meals – and here they are!

1. One-pan English breakfast

For breakfast, you could try the one-pan English breakfast which is perfect for those who don’t like washing up. It takes roughly 20 minutes to make and is packed full of flavour and delicious ingredients that’ll get you ready for a day of exploring the UK’s countryside.

2.  Veggie halloumi wraps

Pippa’s veggie halloumi wraps are simple, quick, and tasty. You can either prepare them in advance and have while on the go or whip them up quickly while you’ve stopped over lunch.

3. Chocolate bar fridge cake

This fun, delicious take on a classic chocolate fridge cake allows you to personalise it with your own favourite chocolate bars. They can be made while on your trip, or even pre-prepared and had as a post-dinner treat or something sweet to have with a cup of tea. A perfect indulgence, no guilt allowed though – you’re on holiday after all.

On holiday, food is just as important as seeing the sites and soaking up some well-deserved time to yourself. These recipes will give you the guidance to make some lovely fuss-free food on your next trip.

You can download the free full recipe book to take with you on your next trip here.