10 Cutest Ways To Make Your Bonfire Night At Home Explosive

Although it’s upsetting that we can’t marvel at huge bonfires and go on fairground rides with our friends, we know that by staying in our snug houses we’re helping to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Huge crowds, having to share your candy floss and toffee apples, and long queues to the hot dog stand? No thank you! Not only is staying indoors on bonfire night safer for everyone (and the animals!), but it also gives you the chance to get ultra-creative and add some sparkle to your own home.

From sizzling snacks to crackling arts and crafts, check out these ten ideas that will help make your mini bonfire night go off with a bang…

1. Edible Sparklers


Sounds scary, but we promise this snack is safe as well as fun to make. Simply dip some breadsticks into icing or runny chocolate spread, and then dip it into a bowl of bright sprinkles or glitter. Voila! Sparklers you can eat – and that won’t burn your hands.

2. Fruit rockets

bonfire fruit

For an equally sweet but healthier alternative, we recommend fruit rockets. Begin by layering fruit halfway down a wooden skewer, and finish by sliding a strawberry that’s sliced in half on the tip of the skewer. Feel free to customise these rockets with your favourite snacks and you could even add some ribbon to the bottom!

3. Glow in the dark bowling alley


Bonfire night is all about bringing some spark to the dark and there’s no better way than doing this with light-up games. Fill some water bottles (preferably ones that were going to be recycled) with liquid from glowsticks until you have 10 different coloured bottles. This glow in the dark bowling alley is perfect to play outside if you have guests, or inside if it’s just you and the family.

4. Artificial bonfires

actual bonfire

Children playing with fire never ends well – so take out the heat and make your own faux flames. For the base, find real logs from the forest or collect the cardboard tube from kitchen roll. Then style some orange, red and yellow tissue paper to mimic burning flames. You can even add an LED tealight in the middle to create a soft glow or decorate underneath with pebbles and sticks for a more real-life effect.

5. Firework crafts


This one is an easy win: toilet roll tubes, colourful paint, and black paper. Cut lines into one end of the toilet roll cardboard, creating a fan effect. Next, dunk the frayed end into the paint and then blob it onto the black paper to create a firework effect. Remember to wash the paint off those hands before supper!

6. Marshmallow toasting


There’s nothing that says traditional family night in quite like roasting marshmallows on an open fire. For this, all you need is an open flame, some marshmallows, and some wooden skewers. Fun for adults who are watching over the little ones too, this is an inclusive and bonding activity for all ages. Have you ever made a digestive biscuit marshmallow sandwich?

7. Firework painting

paint bonfire

A messier option than no 5 – but a hundred times more fun! Start with laying a sheet or old newspaper on an area, and then place a canvas or big piece of cardboard on that. Next, grab a paintbrush, dip it in paint…and splat it! This should create a cool effect that mimics the crazy and colourful nature of fireworks.

8. Rainbow Unicorn Hot Chocolate

hot choc bonfire

The name alone sells it to the kids. Source some white chocolate powder mix, red food colouring, whippy cream, and sprinkles. Mix it all up, make it look pretty and serve to those eager mouths. A perfect treat to warm up and make something extra magical.

9. Guy Fawkes Scarecrow

guy fawkes

Although you don’t have a bonfire to burn him on, having a Guy Fawkes scarecrow on bonfire night is an unmissable tradition – it’s why we have bonfire night at all! Got any pumpkins left over from Halloween? Or recyclable things, like old shirts or cardboard boxes, that you could rustle up into a humanlike figure? Get creative, and don’t be scared to ask your neighbours for help (From a distance) – they would love to see your efforts displayed.

10. Light up your house


Bring your own fireworks inside this year by getting creative with some lighting. All you need are some old jars (jam, sauce, or anything!) and some string fairy lights. Put the lights in the jar and maybe ask an adult to pierce a hole in the lid. Feed some rope through the hole and tie a knot on the underside. Use this rope to hang it anywhere in the house, and light the way to fireworks.


If you are one of the few who decides to have their own fireworks display or a bonfire, please make sure you check your local council’s restrictions regarding inviting other guests. Have fun, stay safe, and remember there’s always a light in the darkness.