Halloween Decoration Station

Stuck for ideas on how to haunt up your house this Halloween? Don’t fret, we have some spooktacular ideas that will transform your October home into a little den of horrors…

1. Eerie Egg Carton Bats

Start saving your egg cartons because we’ll be showing you how to transform these into tiny terrifying pets! Take the lid off a half dozen egg carton, then cut down the middle in half (leaving three cups for each bat.) Make tiny wings on the two outer cups by cutting little triangles along the rim. Now paint them black and add some googly eyes after they’ve dried. Add some ribbon to their head so you can hang them around the house.

2. Haunted Halloween Handprint Witch Cards

Fold a piece of coloured paper in half, and ask them to trace around their hand, making sure the wrist meets the side with the crease on. Cut out the outline and glue it to a piece of card. Cut out bits of coloured cardboard to make witchy strands of hair, and a triangle for the hat. Grab some googly eyes and a marker pen for the face. For the broom, attach a pipe cleaner to the pinky finger and cut some brown card for bristles. Send it to a friend to really impress them this Halloween!

3. Creepy Halloween Black Cats

Simple and effective – when you know how. Find two pieces of black card and fold them Constantina style. Fold this in half to create a fan then pierce a hole in the base, and tie with string. Replicate this with the second piece of card, and tie both together until you have a fancy black pinwheel. Add googly eyes, some years, and cut some whiskers out of white paper. Hang these around the house for pawsome effect.

4. Peculiar Pumpkin Rocks

Adorable creations that will stand the test of time beyond Halloween. Spend an afternoon with the little ones collecting pebbles at your local pond, and bring them home as pets before painting them orange. When they’re dry, draw faces on them with a permanent marker pen. The more in the rock collection, the more you’ll roll with Halloween.

5. Freaky Frankenstein Tin Cans

Our favourite! Make sure adults assist those tiny hands to save nasty cuts when sorting the tins out. First, wash out a used tin can and make sure an adult smooths down sharp edges with a needle nose plier or sandpaper. Then paint the cans with green paint and wait for it to dry. Cut out some black tissue paper or card jaggedly for the hair in the meantime. Stick the hair on, along with googly eyes, and use a marker pen to make a matchstick mouth. Finish by cutting a corkscrew in half, and using two cocktail sticks or needles to stick these through the can as arms.

We hope you enjoy creating these scary crafts – and have even more fun showing them off to your family, or friends on Zoom. Happy Halloween all!