Super Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

With everything going on this year, splashing out on a brand new Halloween costume for the little ones that they won’t fit in next year probably isn’t at the top of your list.

So we’ve brought to you a list of super simple (and awesome!) costujme outfits, using materials that you can easily get your hands on at the local supermarket or that are already lying around the house. We think your little devils will love these creative costumes – and so will the camera!

1. Raincloud costume

All you need for this adorable costume is a small clear umbrella, an old pillow, a couple of lines of some battery-operated fairy lights, and a glue gun. Take the stuffing out of the pillow and shred it into fluffy clumps. Glue this to the outside of the umbrella to make a cloud effect. On the inside of the umbrella, position the fairy lights so they stick to the underside and then hang down in four strands. You can also add beads and glitter if you wish.

2. Giant bag of sweets 

Here’s another outfit made from everyday materials. First, find a clear plastic bin bag and cut one hole in the top for the head and another in the bottom for the legs. Blow up some balloons, and wrap them in shiny wrapping paper to mimic giant sweets. Place the bin bag over your little sweetheart and start filling the bag with balloons, placing them so they stay. Finish this off with some hair ribbon and stripy socks and you’re good to go!

3. Spider costume

Here’s a classic that works well at Halloween no matter what year. Get creative with the base outfit for this – black leggings and a black top, a black onesie, or black jeans and a black hoodie. The main phenomenon will be made from four pairs of black tights or eight black stockings. Fill these out with old newspaper – or even black socks if you’re thinking of the environment – until they’re solid and will stay in shape. Then use safety pins to secure these to the mini human spider, and watch them weave their way with pride.

4. Mummy costume

Is it even Halloween without a classic toilet-roll-mummy outfit? This is definitely an outfit that can be made using resources found in the house – toilet roll, and clear tape. Simply wrap this around your child and secure it with tape. We recommend using bandages (found in drugstores or the supermarket) if you foresee the tissue tearing and therefore changing its need to dry tears.

5. Zombie 

On the celebration of all things spooky, a zombie is a must. Kids can help with creating this look too and will love it. Source some old or frayed clothes that you don’t mind tearing even more to look rough and ragged. Then backcomb your little one’s hair – go wild, there are no guidelines with this crazy look! Next, paint white facepaint or talc and water onto the face, and go wild with black eyeliner. You can always add red lipstick for extra horror on the lips or as fake scars.

Remember, Halloween is all about getting creative and having fun! We think it’s always important to be resourceful, so we hope you enjoy making these super simple costumes. Get ultra artsy and try your hand at our Halloween treat recipes. Happy Halloween!

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