Benefits of Buying a Static Caravan

Are you thinking about buying your very own static caravan? You may have previously stayed at a holiday park, loved the experience of staying in a caravan, and seen that these holiday homes are available to purchase.

Well, if you want to take the next step and truly integrate into the static caravan life, you can do so for as little as £14,995. Yet while this fee is relatively cheap compared to other forms of accommodation, it is still a considerable sum of money for the average person. As a result, you want to ensure your potential purchase is the right one to make.

To help point you in the direction of completing a deal, the topics below will show you just how many benefits static caravans have in their favour.


Ideal for some quality family time

Above all else, owning a static caravan opens the door to having plenty of quality family time. There are no restrictions in terms of how much time you decide to stay at the caravan. Whether it’s a short weekend trip or a six-week summer break, you are free to decide.

Plus, along with the caravan itself, you can also enjoy the facilities at your holiday park. These facilities can include swimming pools, tennis courts, and on- site dining options, all of which contribute towards a memorable and fun-filled family holiday.

Always safe and secure

There’s no need to be concerned about your possessions. At Lyons Holiday Parks, we supply 24-hour security across all of our parks. This means you can keep possessions within your caravan on a long-term basis, and not worry about them being stolen by any unscrupulous characters.

Bring your pets along

Nobody in your family has to be left behind. All Lyons Holiday Parks options are pet-friendly, which means you are free to bring your pooch, cat, or any other animal (within reason!) along with you for your trip. Our parks also feature designated pet-friendly areas. These areas ensure your animal has a place to roam around and interact with other pets.

Owner’s only events

Nobody wants to be left out from a list of party attendees. Well, the same  principle also applies when it comes to these owner’s only events. While self- explanatory, these events are only available to those who have bought their own  caravan. Aside from the fun of the event itself, these are a great way to meet like minded people and establish long-lasting friendships.

A supporter of spontaneity


Remember the aforementioned point about 24-hour security and how it allows you to always keep your belongings at the caravan? Well, this supports another benefit: spontaneity.
Think about it: when you have your possessions already waiting for you, there’s no need to pack. As you own the caravan, you also don’t have to wait for it to become available at a specific date.
Ultimately, these two elements make static caravans one of the most spontaneous holiday options. For instance, you could finish work for the week, decide you need a break, and be within your caravan on holiday in a matter of hours.