5 Things to Do With Your Family in North Wales at Christmas

Holidays are a fantastic time to spend with your family. You get a chance to escape the norm and do something fun. North Wales is the ideal place to enjoy a fun-filled family holiday. The region has fabulous attractions and is full of activities to do. The peaceful settings, incredible landscape, and tons of adventures to try out will make your Christmas memorable. Despite the winter weather, you can have an unforgettable experience with your family with the following activities:

Spend time at Bodnant Garden

A visit to the Bodnant Garden should be on your to-do list. You can enjoy a walk with your family in the famous and oldest garden in Wales. It is a peaceful location where you can spend time with your family and walk your dog. The fun part will be making Christmas gifts at the Elves’ workshop. You can create beautiful art pieces for your kids or spend time drawing. At the centre of the garden, your kids can see Santa or enjoy the marshmallows by the fire. Whatever you decide to do, Bodnant Garden provides a magical atmosphere for the best Christmas.

Indoor climbing

If you want some adrenaline rush or you want to shed off the few pounds you have gained during the winter, then you should try indoor climbing. While there are many outdoor climbing options, the weather may not be conducive for your kids. Besides, indoor climbing is thrilling for all ages. You can try the standard climbing where you scale a high wall using ropes and safety lines and abseil back. You can also try out bouldering. These activities will offer an incredible experience and a break from the festivities.

Visit museums and art galleries

Most museums are open throughout the festive season and have tons of activities to do for the whole family. Apart from viewing the exhibitions in art galleries, spend the day in Conwy, which is a quaint town busting with history and numerous attractions. However, you should not leave North wales before discovering the Alice in Wonderland sculptures scattered around Llandudno.

Attend the Christmas festivals

Holidays are all about festivities that create a lasting experience with your family. North Wales has plenty of festivals to keep you busy during the Christmas break. The many events will help to get your kids in a Christmas mood. You can also stroll around the Christmas market for your last-minute Christmas shopping or enjoy a lantern parade.

Hop on a Santa train

Every child dreams of visiting Father Christmas during the holiday. What better way for your kids to meet Santa than on a train ride? You can treat your kids to an unforgettable experience on a steam train on the Llangollen Steam Railway. They will also enjoy the many Santa specials throughout the holiday season.

Christmas is a time to relax and make new memories. Therefore, you need to pick out activities that the whole family can enjoy. Luckily, the North Wales region has something for everyone.

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