The Upside of Owning a Static Caravan in North Wales

Buying a static caravan combines many of the benefits of owning a holiday home with owning a mobile caravan. Every year the number of caravan owners across the country increases and static caravans are increasingly popular in North Wales. Thanks to a range of financial packages, this type of home ownership is now available to everyone. Here are a few more reasons to consider it.

Holidays Cost Less

Buying a holiday cottage is simply too expensive for most people. A cottage in North Wales sounds idyllic but that type of building comes with a lot of additional costs. They often require a lump sum upfront for updates and slight renovation and then require constant maintenance.

On the other hand, both used and new caravans tend to be great condition. They can be kept at places like one of the Lyons Holiday Parks where it is possible to take advantage of the facilities. These parks are always in prime locations so you never have to worry about going far to find entertainment or a nice evening meal. There are loads of places to relax and entertain any kids, other family members and they are even pet-friendly. Instead of worrying about paying for electricity, water, Internet access and all the other contact details necessary to make your home liveable, let the caravan park take care of it for you.

Earn Extra Money

The great thing about a second holiday-home, whether it is a cottage or a caravan, is that you can sublet it in order to earn some extra cash. The UK is a popular holiday destination for national and international travellers, particularly during the school holiday season.

All you need to do to start making a return and even a profit on your investment is to choose the right location. Once again, a park like the Lyons Holiday Parks is ideal. Since they are so well located it makes advertising to potential holiday-makers easy.

Everything you Need is in one Place

Owning a static caravan is like owning a second home. Everything you need to get the most out of having your own living space while on holiday is included.

Modern caravan designs favour spacious lounges that are ideal for relaxation. The bathrooms and kitchens are also fitted with the latest equipment to the best designs. For those that want something special, it is even possible to buy one fitted with a Jacuzzi.

Choosing the Right Caravan Park

North Wales has a wide variety of caravan parks to choose from. Each has its own perks and quirks so it is worth taking the time to choose the right one. You will get to know the park and the surrounding area intimately. A part of North Wales will become your second home.

As you visit the location regularly, you will discover everything it has to offer. The park will act as a base from where you will be able to explore North Wales. You will have access to local beaches, pub, restaurants and much more. The people are very hospitable and friendly and there are loads of opportunities to learn about their history and culture.

Visit the park before committing to a decision and ask what the residents and locals think of it. Any park worth staying at will be spoken of favourably by everyone that knows it and not just the staff working there. If things do not work out, it is possible to move a static caravan. However, since this is a timely and expensive task it is much better to simply get it right the first time.