Up in the Morning and Out to Play

If you’re looking for a holiday home or a place to enjoy your retirement, Lyons static caravan parks in North Wales have a lot to offer. Whether on holiday, or spending the kids inheritance during retirement, being able to do the things you enjoy, is what staying on a static caravan park is all about.
So much time, and so little to do with it.


They say you never miss it until it’s gone. For many of us, that includes the daily grind of rising early and heading off to work. Five and six days a week, year on year, we commute back and fore to put food on the table and pay the bills. Oh how we look forward to the day when we can glance at the clock, roll over, and grab another hour’s shuteye after we’ve retired.

Those early weeks of retirement seem like a dream come true. You can catch up on all the DIY jobs you’ve been putting off, and have plenty of time to potter about in the garden. But all too often, as the weeks pass, it isn’t long before boredom begins to set in. Now you are having that extra hour in bed because you’ve got nothing much to get up for. Neighbours and friends are still working, and those who have retired before you, are involved in their own little world. Or have moved away to enjoy retirement elsewhere.


Static caravans: holiday homes for all occasions.


If you’re feeling a little guilty about spending the kids inheritance on a caravan holiday home, don’t. While you pencil in the weekends and weeks you want to enjoy your new purchase with your significant other, you can offer your blank weeks to other family members and close friends. No need to worry about who will look after the family pet either, you can take him with you.

Even if you haven’t retired, but are planning ahead, you could do a lot worse than consider buying on a caravan holiday home in beautiful North Wales. With many like-minded people choosing to free up some retirement capital by downsizing, Lyons holiday parks are popular with singles, couples, and families of all ages. With all amenities conveniently on site, and a friendly clubhouse in which to make new friends, you’ll begin to wonder why you hadn’t thought of it sooner.


Develop new interests


You will not only find an upsurge in community spirit on your holiday park, but new friendships to be made, and new interests waiting to be developed. You can use your holiday caravan for weekends, or weeks at a time. After all, it’s yours, make the most of it. Depending on your chosen location, you can explore the Snowdonia National Park, and take a trip to the summit of Snowdon on the Snowdon Mountain Railway, from its starting point at Llanberis.

Visit ancient Caernarfon Castle, which was completed in the early 1300s. Prefer the coast to the country? Then a visit to the beautiful seaside town of Llandudno should be on the cards. Visit the old Victorian pier. Ride Britain’s only cable tram to the top of the Great Orme and marvel at the view across the Irish Channel, or just chill on one of Llandudno’s two beaches.

From a holiday park in North Wales, there is so much to see and do around the area that you’ll wonder where the time has gone. Whether you have a love of coast or countryside, ancient castles, quaint Welsh villages and towns, or nature in general, it is all just a short drive from your chosen holiday park. One thing is for sure, whenever you visit your holiday home on a Lyons North Wales holiday park – you’ll be up in the morning and out to play.

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