Activities to Do With Teenagers During Camping in North Wales

Going on holiday with kids is fun. However, as they grow older, they get bored quickly and picking out activities to do can be challenging. The beautiful landscape in North Wales with mountains, lakes, beaches, and caves offers numerous options for adventure. Camping provides excellent bonding time for the whole family. Besides, you can unwind and enjoy the natural surroundings. Are you wondering what to do with your teens on your camping holiday in North Wales? We got you covered with tons of adventure.


What is the fun in camping without spending some time hiking? The famous mountain in North Wales provides a fantastic hiking experience for young trekkers. While it is not challenging to get to the top of Snowdon, teenagers will still feel the thrill of achieving something. Apart from the fun of hiking, the view from the top is fantastic. It will provide some Instagram worthy photos. Hiking is also an excellent way for active teenagers to enjoy outdoors with little effort.


With the many beaches in North Wales, surfing is a popular activity. Teens who enjoy the water sport can spend the early mornings surfing and enjoying the water. Llyn Peninsula is a fantastic surfing spot for beginners and advanced surfers. Teenagers can also learn surfing from the available instructors. For beginners, Surf Snowdonia, which is an inland lagoon, is the ideal spot to discover the water sport. The wave height is adjustable, meaning it is possible to create different conditions depending on the ability of the surfer.

Picnics, campfires, and barbecues

Apart from enjoying various outdoor adventures, you should create time for family bonding. Going for a picnic provides an opportunity to appreciate nature and have meaningful talks. You can set up a picnic after a walk or hiking and enjoy the beautiful and quiet surroundings. Campfires at night also offer fantastic family time. You can share stories and learn a lot about your teenagers. If the campsite allows cooking, you can spending evenings cooking and enjoying barbecues before retiring to your tent.


If your teens do not enjoy trekking, you can bike through the hiking trails. Cycling is perfect for unwinding and is an excellent way to stay fit. North Wales has numerous cycling trails across the various mountains. Most of the trails were former railway lines, and therefore, they have varying difficulty. However, families can also bike in the parks.

Enjoy the underground adventures

Teens love trying out new things. Therefore, you need to find exciting activities to avoid boredom. North Wales has numerous underground activities thanks to the ancient mining days. You can explore the underground shafts and enjoy history. A thrilling challenge is trying out the Zip World Slate Caverns. The zip wires, cable bridges, and monkey bars provide a fantastic way of exploring the caves and experience an adrenaline rush. Teenagers will get a memorable experience and great exercise from climbing ladders and exploring the underground shafts. They get the thrill of an Xbox game in reality.


One of the exciting things about camping is enjoying an early morning swim on the empty beaches. Teenagers fancy a dip in the waters before sunbathing or walking around the beaches. Therefore, setting up a campsite near a beach will give them plenty of time to swim and enjoy the sand. If your teenagers do not fancy swimming, consider hiring a canoe and go fishing.

Camping with teenagers is challenging. Unlike kids who are thrilled with simple activities like playing in the sand, teens get bored easily. Therefore, you need to plan a fun-packed holiday to keep them away from their phones.

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