Best Animal Experiences in North Wales

It feels like some sort of unspoken tradition for families on fun vacations, but don’t you always end up visiting a type of animal-related attraction with you are away with your loved ones? From petting zoos to farms to animal sanctuaries and wildlife parks, the UK is blessed with a plethora of great nature and animal-based tourist attractions. Here at Lyons Caravan Parks, we are conveniently located near a lot of the attractions that have routinely scored highest on tourist guides across the years. They really do hit the sweet spot for fun for all ages in a family. Without further ado, here is a list of some of the best animal experiences that you can have in North Wales!

National Zoo of North Wales


Also known as the Welsh Mountain Zoo, this is a wonderful wildlife attraction that features some of the most impressive, beautiful, and endangered species in the world. A day at the Mountain Zoo will give families the chance to see snow leopards, tigers, lemurs, and condors up close, and don’t forget to check the times for things like flying demonstrations, sea lion feeding, and even penguin playtime!

Rhyl Seaquarium


Did you know that the Rhyl Seaquarium boasts the only underwater tunnel visitor attraction in North Wales? That’s worth a visit all on its own! With exhibits covering all of the interesting life on the British coast, on a tropical reef and even a fun ‘shipwreck zone’, this really is one of the best days out you can have in North Wales. And we haven’t even mentioned the amazing shark nursery where you might be lucky enough to see a baby hatch!

Anglesey Sea Zoo


Another sea-life based attraction, but definitely one that can provide a unique and different day trip. This all-weather Sea Zoo focuses on the beauty of British marine life, using a fun mixture of education and entertainment to give young visitors a really memorable and beneficial experience. In terms of location, it doesn’t get much better, as the zoo is on the wonderful Menai Strait, offering wide panoramic views across into Snowdonia.

Gypsy Wood Park


Though not a dedicated animal attraction, Gypsy Wood Park definitely deserves a place on this list! An absolute bucket list of amazing experiences awaits you at Gypsy Wood Park, including the likes of Woody’s Railway, Woody’s Quarry Big Dig, trampolining, a musical tree house and magnetic fishing. What we’re interested in here, though, is the wonderful little farm that the park runs alongside all of its other exciting attractions.


Lovingly looked after by the park staff, children and adults alike get the chance to meet and befriend an array of ponies, alpacas, pygmy goats, donkeys, rabbits, potbellied pigs, guinea pigs, and more! Every single day at 1:30 pm there are organised petting and brushing sessions for the animals that are friendliest, and during peak season there are even activities like sheep racing and donkey grooming.


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