Best Places to Visit in North Wales Alone

While going on vacation in a crowd is fun, there are days when you want to relax on your own and take in the serenity of the environment. Here are four beautiful spots that you can visit alone for this encounter.

· Powis Gardens

The Powis Gardens feature the 18th-century gardening style, with hedges and terraces manicured in the Italian way. As such, you are bound to come across neatly finished shrubs all over the compound. A variety of plants encompass this garden, meaning you have plenty of vegetation to feast your eyes on. Your only company would be some chirping birds and bees, coming to get some nectar from the flowers. Better yet, you can indulge yourself in an aerial view of the site on rainy days, thanks to the Powis Castle standing right behind this breathtaking garden.

· Y Shed

The English are primarily known for their love for tea. You can take some time off to sip on some of their most exotic drinks in one of the many restaurants in North Wales. The Y Shed offers a variety of delicacies from cakes to biscuits, bread, cookies, and many other classic English pasties to down your afternoon tea with. What is more, you get to eat while enjoying the view of a now-defunct railway line right next to this cafe.

· Hayloft Restaurant

Are you looking to entice your taste buds with a variety of freshly sourced meat cuts, fish, and ice cream? If so, the Hayloft Restaurant is your go-to place. The management is keen on preparing flavourful meals that are beautifully presented. More so, you get to enjoy sweet treats such as ice cream, chocolate, and sweets after your meal.

· Elmers Take a Break Café

Considering that breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day, it is essential to have a well planned, thought out, and properly-presented meal. At Elmer’s Take a Break Cafe, you get to select from a variety of options, ranging from sausages, bacon, eggs, beans, mushrooms, toast, and fresh bread. The kitchen management is keen on offering both vegan and non-vegan meals to its clients so that everyone is covered. If you want to enjoy a quiet morning and relish on your food, taking this trip alone is advisable.


Solo trips are the best considering that you get to internalise on your journey and enjoy the scenes thoroughly. You can visit these and more exotic spots in North Wales for a fantastic experience.