Advantages of owning a static caravan in North Wales

Contrary to the belief that holidaying in static caravan is boring, Lyons Holiday Parks comes with its own share of fun and interactive activities. You don’t have to break the bank to stay in a luxurious hotel that often involves a list of don’ts, something an interesting traveller tries to avoid. A caravan holiday stay features homely accommodation needs so, where it’s located speaks loads about its convenience and reliability. Having your static caravan located in North Wales does not only expose you to the breathe-taking natural scenery characterised by beautiful mountains and sandy beaches, but also gives you a view of the ancient woodlands. It is a lively place for travellers that love nature, as you will find multiple picnic spots or opt for a nature walk to take in the cool breeze.

Owning a static caravan in Lyons Holiday Park comes with a series of enjoyable activities that are both family and pet-friendly. The amenities available are tailored to meet the needs of the elderly and young all together.

Why Own a Static Caravan in North Wales?

Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider getting your own static caravan in Lyons Holiday Parks:
Fabulous designs
The static caravans in Lyons Holiday Park are specially designed to feature unmatched quality. The construction takes into account the environmental standards so you’ll take pride in owning something that promotes a greener planet. The materials used are all highly sustainable and we are always working to provide better insulation for that comfy feel. You will find all the facilities and amenities you require in the holiday caravans so you only have to worry about creating time for the numerous fun activities you can engage in.World-class facilities of Lyons Holiday Parks
Lyons Holiday Parks are designed to meet the unique needs of any caravan owner to ensure convenience during your stay. You will find various entertainment joints, cafes, pubs, restaurants, and other essential facilities strategically located around the park. You can also go swimming in the luxurious pools or opt for a sporting day in the tennis courts. Whatever your interests are or the time of year you plan your vacation, there are plenty of amusing things you can do during your stay in the static caravan. Did we mention the free Wi-Fi that gives you access to the world right in the comfort of your new home?

Ideal location
Where else will you find a static caravan handily located for easy access to a wide range of fun outdoor and indoor activities? Lyons Holiday Parks offers a variety of options so you can find the ideal spot depending on your to-do activities. Whether you are looking to enjoy the cool breeze of the blue oceans, stroll the natural grounds of the countryside or go hiking up Welsh mountains, there is a caravan just for you.

Enjoy the friendly pricing and convenience
Buying and maintaining a static caravan is quite cheap compared to getting a trailer or motor caravan. Moreover, the low charges are no match for the high cost hotel rooms and expensive holiday homes. With a few thousand Pounds, you’ll get a special holiday home with all the potential amenities you would expect while on vacation. Furthermore, you will have access to various outdoor and indoor activities while enjoying the comfort of the homely space created for you. Unlike a trailer or motor caravan, a static caravan eliminates the need for storage space and moving around that can be a real hassle. This is where the need for towing is further avoided since you don’t have to pack or put up an awning. You no longer have to deal with the traffic or manoeuvring with the caravan across a rough terrain.

Have a new home
The good thing with owning a static caravan is the peace of mind knowing your holiday home is not only in a safe place, but also at your disposal whenever you need it. Even if you’re not planning on using it, you can invite your extended family and friends to stay there while you’re away. You have a new home away from your real home. What’s more, you can sublet your static caravan whenever you’re not holidaying there making it the perfect source of extra income.

These are but a few of the many benefits you can get from owning a static caravan in Lyons Holiday Park. North Wales has plenty of picturesque locations and an interesting cultural history you’ll find diverting.

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