Advantages of Owning a Caravan in North Wales

Unlike a towing caravan, a static one will stay in one location. A static caravan can offer many advantages, especially to people who travel regularly. The cheaper models will cost you around £13,000 while the luxurious ones will set you back more than £200,000. Usually, you will need to pay a deposit of £3,000 or 20%. Besides the actual cost of the caravan, you should consider the cost of the site. The overall cost of owning a static caravan in North Wales may be high, but you should consider the benefits you will enjoy. Here are some of these advantages:

• Extra Income

Some people choose to buy static caravans as an investment. Just like other property developers, they will purchase the caravan and rent it out to anyone who wants a holiday. This arrangement can help lower the costs of owning the caravan, and it can also provide some extra income. But you should note that the caravans will only be in demand in holiday seasons like summer. Also, renting the property out may make it necessary to provide better upkeep of the property and enhanced security. But since many people in the UK are opting to holiday in static caravans, you will be able to rent it out throughout the holiday seasons.

• It Provides a Place Where You can Switch Off

Modern western cultures have become extremely stressful, especially in urban places. You constantly receive a string of emails, multiple business and personal phone calls, and there’s someone always asking for a favour. It doesn’t take a doctor to determine that this way of life is not healthy. You need some time away from such distractions, and a caravan can provide a place for you to rest.

• It is the Cheapest Way of Owning a Holiday Home

Most people dream of owning an actual house for their holidays in North Wales, but the prices for these homes are outrageous. The houses can be expensive to maintain, and you could easily spend your entire weekend trying to clean the place up. A static caravan provides a home which is a lot cheaper than a brick house, and it is also a lot easier to maintain.

• No Towing

Towing is the worst part of owning a towing caravan. These types of caravans can provide the convenience of mobility, but towing can be extremely stressful. You wouldn’t want to suffer through such stress when trying to relax on your holiday. With a static caravan, such tasks will not feature in your list of responsibilities. You just need to drive to the camping site and enter your caravan.

• Allows You to Organise Spontaneous Breaks

Campsites in North Wales are highly popular, and they will get booked many months in advance. Unless you plan a holiday in the unpleasant seasons, you may never be able to rent a caravan spontaneously. However, if you own one of the caravans, you will be able to simply get up one day and decide you will sleep in your caravan. The fact that you can go to the caravan at any time is liberating.

• It Allows You to Learn a Lot about a Place

There are many interesting tourist destinations in the UK, and learning everything about one place can give you a chance to make the best out of your trips. With a static caravan, you will have a home away from home. Since it is static, you can take the opportunity to discover different attractions in the surrounding area. North Wales has many different places for you to visit and explore, so you should be able to have different adventures every time you visit the area.


Owning a caravan in North Wales will not cost as much as a holiday home. The static caravan will not be moved every now and then, and that will relieve you of the strenuous job of towing a caravan. Also, it will provide you with a place for spontaneous visits and weekend retreats. Since it is positioned in one place, the caravan will give you a chance to explore every interesting attraction in the area. If you don’t go for holidays frequently, your caravan can be a source of extra income. You just need to rent it out to people who need accommodation.