Superb Photography in North Wales

Whether for private pleasure, for entertaining friends on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram or even, as a serious profession, photography is the most wonderful of pastimes. The photographer is an artist who captures the ordinary and the beautiful alike, and forever preserves views of people, urban places and images of the natural world. North Wales offers the dedicated photographer a wide range of subjects to capture on camera, such as the seaside towns of Rhyl and Colwyn Bay, the magnificent Snowdonia and the lovely, medieval castles of Caernarfon, Beaumaris and Harlech. The charming town of Rhyl is famous for its beach and is a place where visitors can enjoy the SeaQuarium and the Rhyl miniature railway. Further west is Colwyn Bay and like Rhyl, it overlooks the Irish Sea. No visitor to North Wales should neglect seeing the wonders of Snowdonia National Park, while medieval Wales is brought to life in Caernarfon Castle, a place of historical happenings, political intrigue and dark deeds. South of Caernarfon is Harlech Castle, another royal stronghold, complete with its own bay.

The Changing Welsh Landscape
These places and other attractions of North Wales are ever morphing in character. This constant change is ensured by the shifting hours of the day, and the four seasons. Just imagine a Welsh mountain bathed in golden, summer sunshine in contrast to a misty day in the middle of winter. A seaside town in the early morning has its own, quiet charm but then takes on a different character in the evening when the lights of the buildings begin to twinkle on, and reflect in golden pools on the dark sea waters. Throughout the holiday season, the beaches are filled with life and colour as holidaymakers flock to swim, sunbathe and take part in sports. How different in character then, is an autumn day when the crowds are gone, returned to work and college, and the beach takes on a deserted air. Snowdonia National Park is a photographers’ paradise, with its designated conservation areas which various species of birds and animals inhabit throughout the seasons.

Staying in a Lyons Holiday Park Static Caravan
Just imagine being able to return to the same holiday accommodation throughout the year, without the fuss and bother of having to find – and pay for – lodgings; no more worry about peak-time fees. For just parking and a minor upkeep charge, you can have the convenience of returning to the district, to accommodation already furnished with your own possessions and catering facilities. Familiarity breeds content and you will always know where to find food, fuel and other services. A static caravan, such as one in a Lyons Holiday Park, enables the dedicated photographer to establish a base for serious activity. Such a base facilitates study of a particular subject all year round, for example, a particular landscape or wildlife species. And when not in use, the accommodation can be offered for rent to other photographers and hobbyists. Whatever your purpose, investment in a static caravan in North Wales is well worth considering.