A Romantic Getaway -7 Places Ideal for Couples in North Wales

North Wales is a dream destination for any person. The historical landmarks and castles will give you a fairy tale imagination. What better place is there to think about when planning for a day out with your partner? Here are seven sites that should be at the top of your list for a romantic getaway in North Wales.

The Llanddwyn Island
The sunset view here is breathtaking. The patron saint of lovers, St Dwynwen, rested for eternity in this island, making it a perfect spot to celebrate and appreciate the love between you and your partner. It symbolises the historical love story between Dwynwen and Maelon showing expression of the sacrifices that come with falling in love. Definitely a story worth checking out if you haven’t yet.

The Barafundle Bay
Another place that will give you a beautiful view of the sunset is this serene environment on the coast of Wales. The location is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, making it a spot that could be very crowded during peak season. However, a walk to Barafundle Bay during the off-peak season when people are fewer can be still with the refreshing sound of the waters flowing within their boundaries.

Four Waterfalls Walk in Ystradfellte
Nature and love never fail to be a perfect blend for a romantic experience. A picnic in the site with all the green surrounding and birds singing to a cheerful melody will take your breathe away. If you and your partner love nature, this is the perfect place to start your romantic trip. The waterfalls are also a great place to take amazing photos to preserve the day’s memory.

Llyn Pardan
They say that still waters run deep and so will your love flow deeper at the site of the beautiful sky and still waters of the lake near Llanberis. The evening can start with a two-mile walk to the spot, having a great conversation and finally arriving at this peaceful spot to watch the sunset and the beauty of the stars. If you are lucky, you will see one or two shooting stars.

The Powis Castle
Let you and your significant another feel like royalty at least for one day in North Wales. Powis Castle near Welshpool is a beautiful site reminding one of all the prince and princess’ love stories they grew up listening to. The garden around the castle is also a beautiful scenery that will add to the romantic feel of the day.

Llyn Dinas in the Mountains
A lake in the mountains can have a romantic sense especially with a beautiful view such as the one next to Beddgelert. In addition to the view, there are late night sessions for paddle boarding. If that is not romantic enough, you cannot miss seeing one or two shooting stars and owls among the trees will hoot through the night giving you a hilarious company.

No wonder the fantastic film, Keeping Faith, had to be shot in this site. Laugharne offers the best view of the estuary which is quite romantic. Dylan Thomas had this place on his favourite’s list. For sure this gorgeous place can never disappoint.

Entire North Wales is a romantic getaway full of sites that will remain in your memories years after you have left. The above mentions are only but some of the greatest that you can explore. How about you visit the country and see what more you could experience. Do not forget to carry your best camera because you will regret not being able to take the fantastic pictures of the landmarks in the area.

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