The Appeal of Holidaying in a Static Caravan in North Wales

When most people hear about taking a holiday in a static caravan, they think ‘boredom.’ This reasoning is a result of the misconception that static caravans can be restrictive. You can have a lot of fun while staying at a static caravan in North Wales. The trick is knowing the right place to do it. Lyons Holiday Parks has a selection of locations in North Wales where holidayers can keep their caravans. This accommodation option offers several other benefits that make it worth considering when going on holiday in North Wales.

Stress-free Accommodation

When planning a trip, accommodation is one of the most frustrating arrangements to make. You have to decide how much you are willing to spend then search for alternatives that meet that budget. Then you have to find the perfect location to stay and consider the services available at a hotel or bed & breakfast. Even after all these, you may need to compromise on some things. With a static caravan, you already know the home is available; you only have to settle on the ideal park in North Wales. Holidayers don’t have to fret over negotiating with travel agents for favourable bookings. Owning a caravan means that you can furnish it according to your liking. You need not worry about things like sleeping on the wrong mattress.

Something for Everyone

What’s most enticing about static caravans is the choice of locations. Caravan parks are designed to cater to different users. Holiday goers have wildly varying preferences, and a diverse location list meets them. Lyons Holiday Parks has locations for family fun like Robin Hood where parents and children can enjoy the beauty of North Wales. For persons who prefer beaches, parks such as Mounds offer the perfect experience. If you like the countryside atmosphere and fresh air, Woodlands Hall, which is located above the Vale of Clwyd, is perfect. Take the time to browse the different caravan parks to find something that aligns with your holiday plans.

Reduce Holiday Costs

Holidays are out of reach for many individuals due to some of the ridiculous costs they come with. Accommodation can be particularly expensive. You have to pay for the room where you will stay plus all the other services that come with it. Remember that you get charged daily. With a static caravan, you can save on most of these expenses. Once you buy your caravan, you only need to factor in the parking costs and upkeep. In some instances, you can rent a caravan for the duration of the trip. Caravans come with certain amenities such as kitchens that allow users to make their meals comfortably. Alternatively, caravan parks offer various facilities that holiday goers can capitalise on.

Enjoy Flexibility

Owning a static caravan is like having a secondary, holiday home. You have a fully furnished, customised space that you can use when it’s convenient. Most people decrease their holiday costs by waiting for off-peak seasons. Busy seasons like summer usually mean paying astronomical costs in accommodation because demand is high. However, if you have a caravan ready, you can go on holiday whenever you feel like it. Your relaxation and good times are not dependent on high or low seasons. You can bring the family along and discover the treasure that is North Wales together. Once you settle in your chosen caravan park, you can travel to different destinations beyond North Wales and return with no worry.

Static caravans offer a new way to holiday, and you can enjoy it in North Wales. Get a caravan then find the ideal park in North Wales to set up so that you can explore the beautiful scenery and attractions that the region offers.

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