Fun Things to do while on Vacation in Northern Wales

North Wales is one of the oldest established tourist regions in Britain. It is well-known for offering fantastic holiday attractions. Despite it being relatively small, it is rich in attractions and is the best destination for anyone to spend their holiday. Most times when you think of somewhere beautiful that you can have a getaway with your family, spouse or friends it is easy to run out of ideas. The planning might be tiresome as well and cause you to make some rash decisions on the first location you set your eyes. However, we are here to ensure you make the most out of your vacation. If you are considering touring North Wales, then the following are some of the fun things you can do while here:

Visit the Caernarfon Castle
Having been established in 1283 by Edward 1 as a seat for his son Edward of Caernarfon, the first Prince of Wales, the Castle has already become one of the biggest attractions in North Wales. The structure’s construction took at least 37 years before its completion. The great stone eagles and the design of the castle’s walls and towers symbolise the power and might engraved on the English throne. The castle has 13 towers and two gates. With such a rich history there is no shortage of adventure here. When you tour the castle make sure to explore the amazing queen’s tower and if you happen to tag your kids along do not hesitate to have a fun 3D experience which is one of the latest additions to the castle.

Explore Zip World Fforest
A trip to North Wales is never complete without touring the Zip World Fforest. It offers a woodland setting like no other. This forest is where you get to fulfil your adventurous wishes. Here you get two high rope courses, Treehoppers, zip safari among others. With your kids, there is a guarantee of lots fun.

Visit the Bodnant Garden
Whether you are a gardener or not, you should not pass the opportunity to visit the Bodnant Garden. It is one of the oldest and most famous gardens in the whole of Wales. It offers a beautiful floral display that is quite satisfying. Having been established in 1874, the Garden provides one of the most peaceful locations for anyone who wishes to clear their mind.

Explore Lyons Holiday Parks
Your trip to Northern Wales is not complete without exploring some Lyons Holiday Parks. Be sure to visit Woodlands Hall which has some of the most amazing views the area has to offer. Also, Pendyffryn Hall Caravan Park and country club is another ideal and peaceful holiday home where you get to relax and have a good time. Try also visiting St. Mary’s which is a perfect exploring base where you get an excellent feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Whenever you need to go on a vacation, you may be conflicted with where to go but most importantly keep in mind that the goal is to have as much fun as possible. North Wales provides endless opportunities to make every bit of your vacation marvellous. You can check out what places suit your needs and be sure of where to tour when you make your way here.