Perks Of Owning a Static Caravan in North Wales

Owning a static caravan is quite easy in North Wales. There are more than 3000 caravans in the UK with more and more people choosing to buy their own holiday home. There is a huge selection of caravans from which to pick from. Besides that, thanks to various financing packages, it ensures that anyone can afford a static caravan in North Wales. Here are some reasons to get one.

No More Towing

The most stressful part of a regular caravan is the towing. Anyone who has had to tow a caravan knows that it can be quite difficult. A static caravan station at Lyons Holiday Parks will ensure that you can go to your holiday destination without worrying about transportation.

Top Class Facilities

Lyons Holiday Parks have great facilities that exceed your wildest expectations. There are facilities that cater to the needs of the whole family such as free Wi-Fi. Besides that, the parks are pet-friendly, which means the whole family can come along for the holiday.

An Extra Source of Income

Once you own a static caravan, you can sublet it to make some extra cash when you are not using it. It is estimated that about a third of Brits spend their holiday in the UK. Thus, letting your caravan during the summer or school holidays can be a profitable venture that earns you a passive income. The better a location you pick and the more advanced your caravan, the more it will appeal to holidaymakers. Thus, keep that in mind when you decide to buy a caravan.

Get a Chance to Know the Destination Intimately

When you get to visit the same destination on a regular basis, it gives you the chance to discover what the place is like. You will be able to explore North Wales and really get a feel of every location. In North Wales, you will find a lot to do such as visiting the beaches, visiting the local pubs, and enjoying the local cuisine. You will also have a chance to meet the locals and learn more about the history and culture of North Wales.


These are just a few of the benefits of utilising a static caravan in North Wales. There are many options for caravans. You can find a basic budget caravan or opt for a luxury model, which is easier to let to third parties when it is not in use. If you plan to get a static caravan in North Wales, you can speak to management at Lyon Holiday Parks to learn more about the benefits of a static caravan. It will ensure that when the time comes to making the final decision, you will make the right one.