Great Places to Photograph in North Wales

North Wales is so incredibly beautiful as the home of such a varied landscape, it is a dream location for budding photographers. If you fancy bringing your camera with you when you head to Lyons Holiday Park for your summer holiday, you are sure to find the perfect backdrop for whatever landscape shots that you fancy. Whether you want a shot featuring mountains looming in the background, a peaceful horizon shot of the sea meeting the sky or if you prefer to capture wildlife in the forest, you can capture it all in North Wales. Here are some of our best locations for capturing the perfect shot.

Cwm Idwal 

Cwm Idwal was the first nature reserve in North Wales and it still has open access to members of the public. Take a short walk to the Cwm Idwal lake for breathtaking shots of the rocky valley with the glacial lake in the foreground. This reserve offers the perfect opportunity to witness the effects of the most recent ice age on our geology and better still to capture it with your camera. You can park in the visitor centre car park, although it is Pay and Display. There are also toilets and a kiosk serving refreshments on site.

Penmon Point 

If you want to catch the ruggedness of the sea, Penmon Point on the island Of Anglesey is the ideal location. This site really makes you feel like you are at the end of the world. There is a lighthouse that sits on the end of a rocky outcrop of the beach, as close to the sea as possible. It’s perfect for use as a backdrop to an atmospheric shot. This location is also great for capturing the sunset or even the skies at night. Many photographers also head here when there are reports of the possibility of the northern lights being visible.

Menai Bridge (from Anglesey) 

The Menai Bridge is a stunning feat of engineering that helped to join the island of Anglesey to the North Wales mainland. The bridge looks stunning against the lush green landscape and the waters of the Menai Straits below it and many photographers have attempted to get the perfect shot over the years. Head to the lay-by on Anglesey side of the A5 for the perfect view and the best chance to get a shot that you can be happy with. You might come across some fellow photographers whilst you are there, it really is a popular location.

Conwy Castle 

The town of Conwy along with the stunning castle is a classic example of an old medieval town. The town itself is a world heritage site because if it’s historical relics nestled against the beauty of the Snowdonia mountain range. What’s more, the fact that its walls are still intact and that the town is surrounded by hills means that you can find the perfect vantage point to get the right shot. Set yourself up to capture a shot with the castle in the foreground and the mountains in the background, it will be one that makes it up onto your wall at home.

Llanddwyn Island 

This little tidal island off the coast of Anglesey offers the perfect location for a spot of wildlife photography. There are a number of different habitats such as saltmarshes, dunes, mudflats and cliffs, where you can spot anything from wildflowers to sea birds nesting. It’s an extremely serene location with so many opportunities for photography, whether you want to photograph the stunning landscape or the wonderful wildlife, that you will really want to spend a day here. Pack a picnic and as much equipment as you can carry, we promise you won’t regret it.

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