Fun Things to Do While at Your North Wales Lyons Park Holiday Home

North Wales is a favourite tourist destination attracting families, couples, and the young. It is bustling with lots of attractions. These include breath-taking landscapes, pristine beaches, and picnicking sites that will blow you away. There being so much to do and experience, you will need a couple of days to take it all in. Therefore, you need a place to stay. North Wales Lyons Parks couldn’t be more suited for that. If you are there already, here are some fun things to spice up your holiday in North Wales.

Visit the Conwy Castle

This medieval castle was built by Edward I in his conquest of Wales in the 12th century. It still stands in all its glory with its infamous 8 towers jutting out of the top. A sight of this magnificent castle sends you right back to the dark ages. It epitomises what you would imagine a castle to look like, only better. Battlement perches at the top of the towers, archers taking aim from their longbows, and gunships going off, all come to mind at the sight of Conwy Castle. Also, the work of architecture displayed by this behemoth of a building is just bewildering.

Take your family to the top and enjoy a full-size panorama of lush green mountains and the river entering the sea at Conwy bay. You can stroll along the 1-kilometre long wall as you marvel at its moss-covered form. Inside the castle, there are wards, dark caves, hideouts, pillar-bound passages, and large rooms with high ceilings. These deliver an Indiana Jones experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. There’s so much more, which you’ll have to see for yourself. Just make sure to bring your camera to capture all these wonderful moments.

Go Karting

Nothing bursts up your adrenaline like a good go-karting experience in North Wales. This destination has some of the best go karting tracks in the UK region. Whether you fancy a tamed indoor experience or an extreme rubber burning adventure on the outdoor racks, you have a variety to choose from. In addition, the tracks feature a scenic setting with a rich countryside view on the background. Race your friends or family members for a chance to prove your insane kart handling skills in the unique North Wales tracks. If you are a parent, this would be a great way to introduce your kids to your passion for speed machines.

Visit the Gladstone Library

In the afternoons following a tasty local dish, instead of just lying in your caravan, why not duck into Gladstone’s Library and feed your reading hobby too. It is one of the oldest residential libraries in North Wales. It holds so much history of wales having been opened in 1906. There are over 250,000 books targeting various fields from ancient history to poetry to adventure. It is partitioned into open spaces for crowd reading and private rooms if you want some peace of mind. Besides reading this library also offers a host of other activities which you should definitely check out.

Go Beacon Climbing

For the spirited and daring folk, a climb on the Caernarfon beacon climbing centre is worth a shot. There’s a 17-metre wall for the pros and colour coded climbs for the fledgling individuals. Just find the one that matches your ability and age. The kaleidoscopic Crazy Climb promises immense fun to families.

Climbing is not only fun but also a great way of keeping in shape while on holiday.

Well, there is everything for everyone in North Wales. So, find the right adventure near your Lyons Holiday Park home and have some fun.

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